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Community Rules

Community Rules

Traffic/ Parking

The speed limit on Seaglass Boulevard is 15mph. Speeding is taken seriously and is strictly enforced.

Operators of golf carts must have a valid driver’s license.

Each three season cottage has parking spaces for two vehicles and a golf cart. Four season cottages on Mariner Way have one parking spot for a vehicle and one designated parking spot for a golf cart. Please see the Front Desk for any clarification.

If you have additional vehicles than what is permitted at your cottage, please park them in visitor parking by the entrance.

Each guest will receive two parking passes with your check in packet for two cars parking at your cottage. Should you have visitors during your stay, please contact the Front Desk to get a visitor parking pass for their vehicle. If your cottage already has two cars in the designated spots, visitor’s vehicles must park down front in visitor parking.

There is no parking on grass or on the side of the road. There is no parking or maneuvering room for boats, RVs, or similar toys/vehicles.

Only golf carts may park at the Clubhouse. The only exception is for those vehicles designated as handicapped. Always take a left out of the Clubhouse parking lot, as the road around the Clubhouse is one way.

Please be very cautious of pedestrians, pets, and children. If using a golf cart at night, please be sure to use the headlights.

All Clubhouse facilities are reserved for those guests 18 years of age and older. Please bring your ID.

At areas designated for all ages, children under the age of 12 must have an adult, over the age of 18, accompanying them at all times. 
All alcohol consumed at the Clubhouse and surrounding amenity areas must he purchased from The Sandbar, our on-site bar at the Clubhouse. Please bring your ID, as no guests under the age of 21 are permitted to consume alcohol.

Guests are permitted to bring their own non alcoholic beverages and food items to the Clubhouse. Guests are permitted to bring foods and beverage coolers to the Family Pool area. Glass containers are not permitted at any amenity area.

There are designated fire pit areas. Please take note of where they are located. Those are the only areas for fires. Please be sure to keep the fire under 3 feet high, and that the fire is out and all wood and newspaper are covered when done.

At the Cottage

NO SMOKING: A $500 penalty fee will he charged to your credit card if we find evidence of smoking inside the cottage.

NO PETS: A $500 penalty fee will he charged to your credit card if we find evidence of pets inside the property.

Please do not hang any towels, swim suits or other items on the outside of your cottage.

For all household trash, there is a large green trash compactor in a fenced in area on the left as you exit the property. There is a posted sign showing you where the door to the compactor is. Pull the handle towards you and the door will swing open. There is also four large recycling bins are provided for glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard. Please break down any cardboard before putting it into the bin. All bins are marked.

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