As previously noted we have updated the website. Your 2017 password will not work and you will have to sign up and create a new password if you haven't already done so.

FIRST BOD MEETING is going to be June, 3rd at 9 am, in the Clubhouse and Kara-Ann will be joining us from Great North.

-Agenda to follow-

Upcoming Activities

Welcome Back Pizza Party

$5.00 for all- Saturday May 12th (RSVP by 5/10) Click this link, email us at clubhouse@seaglassvillage.com or call 207-216-9400 EXT: 1006 to sign up!

Sunday Social - Continental Breakfast (Free for all)

Sunday, May 20th. Click this link, email us at clubhouse@seaglassvillage.com or call 207-216-9400 EXT: 1006 to sign up!

Memorial Day Party

(More details to follow) Saturday, May 26th. Click this link, email us at clubhouse@seaglassvillage.com or call 207-216-9400 EXT: 1006 to sign up!

Check the Calendar for more activities!


Alana Betts (Front Desk)

Alana has decided to join us for another fun filled Seaglass season!

She will be available 9A - 2P Saturdays and Sundays. Please direct your activity sign ups, payments, and any needed front desk support to Alana during these times.

Ashley Hicks (Bartender)

Ashley is extremely excited to be able to spend another season with us at Seaglass!

Ashley will be spending most of her time behind the bar, but is more than willing to help you out with something at the front desk!

Brandy Ingham (Rental Manager)

Brandy is our new Rental Manager, and is very eager to learn everything there is to know about our community and the owners!

Donnie Sanborn (Association Manager)

This is my third season coming back to my home away from home! I am so excited about my new role here as the new Association Manager and I am looking forward to a successful, fun filled season!

Jeff Houle- Maintenance

Jeff is very excited about his new position here at Seaglass! He has previous experience working in maintenance and will be the go to guy for the pools! He is looking forward to getting to know everyone and working hard to ensure this season is a great one!

Kayla Hayley- Bartender

Kayla is excited to meet everyone and spend her summer in the village!

Linda Hill- Security

Linda is happy to be back and very ambitious about keeping Seaglass Village a safe and fun place for another season!

Shannon Harris- Bar Manager

Shannon (Shay) is SGV newest Bar Manager and comes from 20 years of experience! She started bar tending at 17, has managed three successful bars and owned two herself. She is most excited to make the Sandbar successful, profitable and fun!

Hours Of Operation

Sand Bar Hours for May:

5/6 - 5/12: (Thurs: 3P- 8P) / (Fri: 3P - 11P) / (Sat: 11A - 10P)

5/13 - 5/19: (Sun: 11A - 5P) / (Thurs: 3P - 8P) / (Fri: 3P - 11P) / (Sat: 11A - 10P)

5/20 - 5/26: (Sun: 11A - 5P) / (Thurs: 3P - 8P) / (Fri: 3P - 11P) / (Sat: 11A - 10P)

Front Desk -Limited Availability-

The front desk is going to have set limited hours for the 2018 Season. During those limited hours are when you will want to sign up/pay for activities, fill out ARC/EMOC forms ETC. During Sandbar nights you are more than welcome to pay for these activities with one of the bartenders, sign up/pay via google forms or use the drop box that will be located in the west hallway right next to the front desk.

Starting Saturday May 12th the front desk will be open both days this weekend from 12P-5P.

Going forward it will be open at minimum Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9A-2P (This is subject to change and will be communicated)

**The Clubhouse will continue to stay open daily 9A-5P and the pools & Gym 6A - 10P**

Thank you for your understanding

Who to call Great North Vs Seaglass Village

To remove any confusion regarding who or when to call Great North and/or Seaglass I wanted to confirm that information for the community.

  1. When dealing with any issues regarding inside your cottage after opening you will need to call Great North Management. (For example if there is a plumbing, electric, appliance issue) Please make sure you are reading all the paperwork Great North has sent you as well.

  2. If there is an issue regarding the Community, Rental Program, Bar, Clubhouse, or any part of the common property you would want to contact us or in case of an emergency call our after hours number.

  3. More Details to follow on the process at first Board Meeting


I have had numerous complaints of owners leaving their dogs waste either inside the dog park or along the perimeter. This is a friendly reminder to ask everyone to do their part and continue cleaning up after your pups. Also please make sure you are not allowing your dogs to go to the bathroom on owners lawns or landscaping.

On a positive note the park will be cleaned up and ready for full time use with in the week!

** Tick application has been done as of 5/1/18 **


Clearly Clean

Clearly clean will keep their prices the same as last year. To clean all windows inside and out, as well as screens, frames, and sills it is $175.00.

Please email Sonya with any questions or if you'd like to go ahead and schedule services through them.

Thank you,



Liberty Pest Control

Liberty Pest Control, Inc. will be scheduling our first round or tick applications to individual cottages per your request at $50.00 per application. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like this service, as we will be scheduling these very shortly.

Thank you for letting Liberty Pest Control, Inc. help provide you with freedom from pests


John Casoli


In the future Great North will be providing a list of vendors for you to call for common issues related to electric, plumbing, and HVAC.

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