Exterior Paint Colors

Do you know the exterior paint colors of your cottage?

3 Season Cottages:

Body is Kilim Beige SW6106

Trim Colors:

  • Harbor / Cove Trim: Dover White SW6385

  • Jetty Trim: Honest Blue SW6520

  • Seaside / Seacrest Trim: Waterscape SW6470

  • Tidepool / Driftwood Trim: Rainwashed SW6211

  • Breakwater / Boardwalk Trim: Rice Paddy SW6414

  • Port Trim: Violet Vignette SW7137

  • Brooks Trim: Glittery Yellow SW7125

4 Season Cottages:

Body: Certain Peach SE6625 Door: Robust Orange SW6628

  • Body: Hazel SW6471 Door: Raging Sea SW6474

  • Body: Icy SW6534 Door: Luxe Blue SW6537

  • Body: Lantern Light SW6687 Door: Gambol Gold SW6690

**All paints are Sherwin Williams brand**

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