Pools & Tennis Court Updates


We recently received a couple complaints and concerns regarding the cleanliness and balancing of the Associations pools. I would like to inform everyone that I have addressed these issues and they are being resolved. I would also like to inform everyone on the procedures of how the pools are cared for so we can alleviate any confusion.

  • Maintenance gets here usually at 7:30/8 am (Starting Monday July 9th Maintenance will arrive at 6:30 am)

  • Their first step is to start up at the Clubhouse pools

  • observe the pool deck for any obvious issues (trash, broken umbrellas ETC)

  • inspect the pool house for any issues (pumps,filters,heaters,chlorinators, and plumbing)

  • Test all 4 pools one by one (Large pool, hot tub, donut pool, and indoor pool)

  • Balance all chemicals (Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity) There is a 30 minute wait time after any chemical is added.

  • Retest all Clubhouse pools

  • Log all results in their daily pool log

  • Vacuuming of the pools is almost always necessary on a daily basis. In order to vacuum you have to shut off the heater to that specific pool, shut down the pumps, empty the pump basket, prime the hose, and insert the hose into the skimmer.

  • Repeat vacuuming steps to all 4 pools

  • Head down to the Family pool and repeat all steps listed above

After reevaluating coverage and putting into consideration the number of people coming to the pools during peak season, I have decided to have Maintenance start coming in at 6:30 am in hopes of giving my staff more time to address the pools. Going forward the pools will be tested in the morning, afternoon and early evening, and if need be we will have to shut down any pool that may need to be rebalanced for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is an extra step I am going to be implementing to make sure our pools are safe and clean every day for the rest of the summer!


Tennis Court

Today during the BOD meeting, the vote was passed to allow children 18 & younger to play tennis at the tennis court with parental supervision. There will be signs placed at the court outlining that this amenity is to be utilized for tennis only, and that there must be a parent present at all times a child is playing on the court. We will make sure to heavily enforce this new rule and there will be no exceptions.

Also I would like to point out that the only activities allowed on the pickle ball court will be pickle ball and basketball. The age restriction of 18 and older remains.

Thank you

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