04-Aug-2018 Meeting Minutes

Seaglass Village EMOC Committee 04-Aug-2018 Meeting Minutes Attendees: John B. (#140), Al (#606), Jerry (#620), John C. (#709) By Phone: None Missing: Carmine (#111), Donnie (GM), Dick (#179) Visitors: John Snell (BOD Liaison)  Meeting started at 9am / Meeting ended at 10 am  All in attendance agreed to accept meeting minutes from 21-Jul meeting with comments from Donnie’s attached or incorporated. Unplanned Business John B. informed committee members were informed that Dick Duprey had tendered his resignation from the EMOC; his cottage has been put up for sale. EMOC Proposals  Cottage #218 has requested permission to paint the exterior door the same color. APPROVED with note to Donnie that the GM can approve any proposals that fall within existing policies without getting EMOC approval.  Cottage #306 would like to extend the skirt board around the cottage to the ground. There is a significant gap that the owner feels may allow animals to easily enter. APPROVED provided that the grade/contour of the landscape is not changed. It is recommended that a small air gap is left between the ground and the bottom of the skirt, and that the skirt board ends are painted to prevent moisture absorption from the ground. The owner should contact Great North for contractor recommendations. Policy Updates  Deck policy will be updated next meeting. No progress by John C. to finish reviewable draft.  Open/Close – on hold until Carmine is back. Someone will need to be named to replace Dick who was working with Carmine to finalize policy. Special Projects  Open/Close  Great North has another contractor that may be a potential replacement for CW. CW contract has not been signed as of 04-Aug.  Tozier will Open/Close cottages when hired by cottage owner (not Association) at $175 for 1 bath cottage and $200 for 1½ bath cottages. Larry has agreed to reimburse owners the cost of the Seaglass Open/Close price (current CW quote is $175 – no difference for 1½ bath units).  Al will contact Tozier on behalf of EMOC. SUBJECT: EMOC Meeting Minutes | 04-Aug-2018 Page 2 of 2  John C. to send email to BOD and Donnie to clarify that BOD will reimburse owners if they Open/Close their cottage or hire a plumber. Include request to Donnie to hold off on signing CW contract until 3rd quote is received from Great North plumber. UPDATE: 07-Aug-2018 | Email was sent to BOD but failed to include request to Donnie to hold off on signing CW contract until 3rd quote from Great North recommended plumber has been received.  Budget – next meeting will be dedicated to budgeting (18-Aug). Budget to Finance Committee is due by Labor Day.  Need to estimate area of gravel roads for budget. Jerry volunteered to identify the roads and estimate the area. A list will be developed so that a percentage of roads are budgeted for re-gravelling each year.  Compass Point was discussed since the drainage problem has not been fixed by Howard (developer). There was agreement amongst EMOC members that the Association must fix the road if Wells will not force Howard to do it. o It was mentioned that the Town Engineer walked the road last year and indicated that the road was slope to the left and needs to be sloped to the right. o Al mentioned that it is possible that the town held Howard’s bond and could use that money for the Association to pay for the fix. No one was identified, but someone needs to check Maine regulations and check with Town Engineer.  Al asked about status of All-Around-Gutters. Jerry brought up covenants and the new responsibility more gutters may cause to a new owner upon purchase. It was agreed that answering this question during meeting with a yes or no was not possible. Jerry will write up potential issues/concerns and email to John B. so that he can bring it up with BOD.  An issue with erosion in the back of 170’s. Feedback to EMOC member was that it was a problem, but EMOC is aware that ARC has visited the area and did not see it as an issue. EMOC believes landscape erosion issue falls under ARC purview. New Business  Do we need to add another EMOC member? Currently at five. To be discussed at another time. END

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