EMOC 08-Jul-2018 Meeting Minutes

Seaglass Village EMOC Committee 08-Jul-2018 Meeting Minutes Attendees: John (#140), Al (#606), Jerry (#620), John (#709), Donnie (GM) By Phone: Carmine (#111) Missing: Dick (#179) Visitors: John Snell, Larry Abatiell  Meeting started at 9am / Meeting ended at 11 am  All in attendance agreed to accept meeting minutes from 08-Jul meeting. Unplanned Business Larry and John stopped in to discuss Open/Close plumber selection and policy changes then left when discussion was finished. Recommendations by EMOC will be sent to BOD for review and approval. Topics covered whilst Larry and John were present: Water Heater Replacement Donnie received quote from plumber Bob Tozier for quote to replace cottage water heaters. Tozier will replace water heater and peripheral fittings/valves (as applicable) for $900. Some cottages have A/C air handlers in front of water heater making change out more time consuming – these cottages will be charged slightly more.  Donnie will send out email to notify owners that Seaglass has a recommended plumber (Tozier) and EMOC recommends replacing water heaters at 8-10 years.  Owners are allowed to hire their own plumber - Seaglass is not requiring heater replacement, only recommending replacement at 8-10 years and use of Tozier.  Copy of Tozier quote should be sent with email so that owners can read the details.  Larry asked how long Tozier price will be good? This year only, next year? Donnie to ask Tozier. Open/Close Plumber Donnie received two quotes for Open/Close. Bob Tozier and C.W. Plumbing.  The quotes from each contractor included cottages and clubhouse. Prices were comparable with the difference being less than $1,000 between the two.  The issue with Open/Close last year (using C.W.) was damage to some cottages by the plumbers used to do the work. Numerous owner’s were unhappy with last year’s close due to damage and/or dirty conditions by the plumbers.  Per Larry - go back to each contractor to ask if they would have issues with the following: 1) Minimum number of cottages to Open/Close early 2) Willingness to accept 3rd party project management/oversight Background information from group discussion:  It was suggested that we hire a 3rd party to follow the plumber during each cottage Open/Close to procedure to verify no damage to appliances or cottage interior. SUBJECT: EMOC Meeting Minutes | 21-Jul-2018 Page 2 of 4  It was also suggested that language be added to the contract regarding a minimum number of cottages to close so that the folks who leave early have the assurance that their cottage is closed and they will not receive any unexpected utility bills after departing.  The feeling is that Bob Tozier is a craftsman and will take more pride in his work while C.W. appears to sub-contract the actually work.  C.W. will not do “on call” for emergencies which means we will need another plumber lined up to take emergencies. Conversely, Tozier will do emergency service calls (@ $140/hr).  Tozier will require a minimum of 8 cottages to come in early while C.W. does not want to start the process until the season is over. The issue here is folks who leave early would like their cottages closed when they leave. There were issues last year with heat being left on into November because the C.W. ran into delays.  Donnie would prefer to work with C.W. while most members of EMOC would prefer Tozier, but Larry indicated the final decision is Donnie’s.  Tozier had given Donnie a deadline to get back to him so Donnie would be contacting him prior to next EMOC meeting.  Larry and John S. left meeting at conclusion of discussion. EMOC Proposals  Cottage #148 (Randy/Mary) are installing a screen door as submitted. Since they are adhering to Seaglass standards Donnie was advised to approve these types of requests without brining them to EMOC. John B. suggested that Donnie copy EMOC on emails to owners when he notifies them that a submitted proposal is approved.  Cottage #410 (Bill/Annie) would like to attach a plant hanger to the cottage. NOT APPROVED for attachment to cottage. It is suggested that they hang the plant from a ground mounted (pole) plant hanger that could be placed approximately at the same location. This may require ARK approval.  Cottage #204 has a patio related proposal that needs to be given to ARC – not an EMOC issue.  Cottage #218 (Dana/Jill) want to install outside spigot. APPROVED through trim, installed by plumber using frost free spigot on any side of cottage except front. Policy Updates  Deck  Al provided samples for composite from one of his suppliers from home. His preferred brand is Wolfe, the other brand is Trex. Wolfe is cheaper by about $0.50 per foot. The material should be available at Hancock, Eldridge and any other supplier in York County.  John C. will update the current draft to include three options for 3-season cottages: 1. All Pressure Treated, like-for-like replacement (low cost) 2. Pressure Treated / Composite hybrid (mid cost) 3. All Composite (high cost)  John C. will send spreadsheet to estimate costs to other EMOC members. SUBJECT: EMOC Meeting Minutes | 21-Jul-2018 Page 3 of 4  From 07-Jul meeting / questions about policies for which a current update was unavailable. These topics were not discussed in 21-Jul meeting but are noted in the minutes as a reminder for the next meeting.  Painting Policy – was it approved by BOD? Check with John Snell before next meeting.  All-Around-Gutters Policy – no response from BOD. Carmine will contact BOD again.  Outside Spigot Policy – John B. to finish.  Open/Close Policy – Carmine and Dick will update current policy.  Comments included:  Add re-stain to the policy for the composite/wood option  Fix heading typos (reference to split A/C)  Remove 4th Option for all-wood IPE; go with three options 1) all Pressure Treated, 2) Wood/Composite Hybrid, 3) all Composite  Check 4-seasons to determine hand rail profile and deck color Special Projects  Budget process to start in August. Donnie was asked to pull up costs for which he has access. Some categories will not be available to him because Great North pays those bills. He will try to get full cost accounting for budgeting/review process. New Business  Signage – requests have been made to Donnie to add “Rentals Available” sign to front of development.  People have asked about flag pole and flag that used to be out front. Can it be replaced? Update from Donnie  Pool  There is only one main drain is working on Donut Pool and the heater not running consistently because of it. Most likely a crack in drain line and should be addressed in the fall after pool closing. CLARIFICATION - the pool heater works fine, but due to a lack of compression, if someone turns the pump off then back on with the heater, the heater would go into service mode as a safety measure since there was not enough water pressure. The guys use a waste pump for the Donut pool since the problem was discovered  A new chemical (Shocktrene) is being used to reduce cloudiness. It is a non-chlorinated powder that can be placed in the pool without the need to close the pool.  Chris (from Summer Village) can give up to 30 hours per week to servicing the pools.  Misc  Gutters going up the 30th (at side club house entrance to gym).  Side entrance door (from above) will be replaced due to water damage. Required a special ordered door.  Pools being test 5 times per day, will be shut down for failure. SUBJECT: EMOC Meeting Minutes | 21-Jul-2018 Page 4 of 4  New chemical is being used to remove cloudiness.  Replaced pool vacuum hoses.  Trim around rental office and club house needs replacing due to rot (Al suggested Versaboard).  Requested money for card swipes for family pool to secure the pool and keep out nonresidents or guests. Approx. $4K per entrance.  Looking into robotic cleaners for pools at approximately $1,500 each. Would save 3-4 hours per day in labor.  Getting quotes for automatic chemical feeders for pools, which again would eliminate labor.  Replenishing rocks behind mini golf.  There are some roads that need regraveling. A better plan for road maintenance needs to be developed by EMOC.  Spraying for weeds and will push landscaping company to do it since it is part of the service.  Rented a log splitter to process wood from old fire pit areas.  Working to have new truck body damage fixed. No bedliner, it was suggested that a good truck mat is purchased to protect bed and keep items from sliding.  Inside trim of club house and rental offices getting beat up. Getting quote for painting.  Andrea Raff (Cottage #412) fell in front of clubhouse. Asked if railing could be put up –

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