EMOC June 9th Meeting minutes

Seaglass Village EMOC Committee

June 9, 2018 Minutes

Attendees: John Bocchino, Dick Duprey, Carmine Sammarco, Donnie

• All present approved minutes of 5/12 and 5/26 with minor spelling and grammar changes. Carmine will make those changes and send to Donnie for posting

• EMOC proposals:

• Cottage 201 gutter approval had previously been deferred to the BOD due to the ongoing issues between them and neighbor.

• Carmine to send an email to the board stating that the EMOC approves the gutter installation for cottage #201 with the clarification of turning downspouts away from neighbors yard.

• No new proposals in folder

• Policy updates:

• Eric had revised the painting policy and sent to board for ratification.

• John C has sent framework for policy to EMOC members. He is putting together price sheets for different configuration estimates. He will sure up for next meeting discussion.

• Dick and Carmine to start working on an open/close policy (HOA and Cottage Owner’s responsibilities). Not started.

• There was some discussion of gutters all around for 3 season cottages.

• In phase 1 cottages owners were allowed to put 18” of stone as a drip edge. Phase 2 did not allow this due to the ground coverage issue.

• Carmine to send an email to the BOD allowing gutters all around 3 season cottages as long as downspout spillage did not interfere with neighbors.

• John B. to write a quick spigot policy

• Carmine to send an email reminder to Donnie about quote for gutter at clubhouse

• There was discussion about the disrepair of the cement board for cottage #225. All agreed it is the owners responsibility for these type of outdoor repairs

• Special Projects:

• Pools

• Heaters for donut and large pool to be replaced on Monday.

• New heater for front pool has been ordered.

• Planters at large pool to be done on Monday

• The Gym area floor has started to buckle. We will look to have that fixed later in the season.

• Truck

• Donnie working with Stoneham Ford for lease paperwork. This will hopefully be completed by next week.

• Other Business:

• We need to start looking for bids for Open/Close for next season. John B. to speak to Tozier Plumbing to see if he is interested in re-quoting.

` • We need to get clarification of who pays for shoveling of decks in 4 season cottages.

• All agreed on above items

• Next meeting will be on June 23rd at 9:00 AM EST.


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