ARC Meeting Minutes 8/5/18



August 5, 2018

Present: C. Barclay, T. Hynes, R. Killam, D. MacRitchie, S. Paladino, G. Parker, R. Sarro

Meeting convened at 9:00.

The minutes of the meeting of July 29 were accepted.

The committee considered 9 proposals with the following decisions:

  • 5 were approved

  • 2 were approved with conditions

  • 1 was partially approved with conditions

  • 1 was returned to the cottage owner for more information

Other business:

  • The BOD has approved the use of the standard ARC form for the golf cart parking issue in the four-season area.

  • The committee was informed that 1 cottage owner plans to appeal the ARC’s decision to the BOD.

  • The committee was informed that a section of Compass Pointe has been widened without any prior approval. Since the matter relates to an Association road, the committee decided to refer it to EMOC.

  • The committee noted that a very few cottages may have an “unplanned” drip edge resulting from the builder spreading the stone under the cottages over an area slightly larger than the cottage footprint. The committee will continue to monitor the matter.

  • The issue of whether or not ARC had ever approved a proposal that included moving rocks from one part of the property to another was addressed. After reviewing several past proposals, the committee believes that no moving of rocks was ever approved by the committee. (One exception was the approval to move a rock out of the three-foot border of one of the roadways; approved because rocks are not allowed in that area.)

  • The committee discussed potential questions for a visit by Wells town officials.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30.


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