IT Committee Meeting Minutes June

Sunday, June 10:00 AM

Attendees: Kip Sheedy, John Harte, Bill Portuese

CC: John Stanzel and Donnie

  1. Discussed five options to enhance the Pavilion stage screen. Team agreed on recommendation

  2. ACTION: Bill will document on separate document and send to Donnie to have BOD approve.

  3. Review options to modernize method to operate Pavilion projector for use of TV, presentations, Blue Ray movies, etc

  4. ACTION: Kip will get a quote for this task. There is more of complicated process than most would think.

  5. Confirmed we finally have no more servers in use and relying on Cloud.

  6. ACTION: Bill to document all devices that use data and how they are backed up i.e. the cloud, manually on CD, etc.

  7. Train Donnie and Staff how to review security cameras, use devices to control Pavilion projector, music, etc

  8. ACTION: Kip will handle this task

  9. Purchase large monitor, roller table and device to play sports games, etc requested by Sandbar Chairman Steve DeVeaux. This is was budgeted for 2018.

  10. ACTION:Bill will send information and cost to Donnie for approval once Steve D. sends his selection.

  11. Discussed getting the free cable box from Spectrum that comes with each account and install on Game Room TV. This will greatly improve quality of picture (move from standard definition to high definition, give us access to more channels, allow use of guide, etc

  12. ACTION: Bill will get account # from Donnie, pick up the box. Kip and Bill will install.

  13. Security Cameras - develop a 5 year plan to upgrade security cameras to allow clear viewing of people, license plates, night vision, etc

  14. ACTION: Bill will document all cameras and 5 year plan but full IT Team will agree on prioritizing and selection of security camera. Will purchase one (budgeted for 2018) to be sure it meets our needs.

  15. Upgrade WiFi at Clubhouse from the current repeaters in place to use ‘access points’ to give better coverage and reliability. This was discussed last year to assign to our IT Contractor for 2018.

  16. ACTION: Bill will contact Ralph, our IT contractor, to confirm cost (materials and labor) and will send to Donnie for final approval before work begins.

  17. Install two updated laptops in the Business Office and secure to table with locking device. Ralph, our IT Contractor, as of this date, is working on the upgrading and setting up the two laptops which will be installed hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

  18. ACTION: Donnie to follow thru on this with Ralph.

  19. Purchase three signs to label three offices (BUSINESS OFFICE, MANAGERS OFFICE, STAFF ONLY).

  20. ACTION: Donnie will get font specs from EMOC and order/install

  21. Agreed on no further use of call boxes located at front gate, Rental Office outside door, Clubhouse pool door entrance to long hallway.

  22. ACTION: Bill emailed EMOC to handle this task

NOTE: all IT Committee meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month. Next IT Committee meeting is July 8th.

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