IT Committee Meeting

Date: July 7, 2018 at 10:30 am

The notes below include IT Meeting on July 6th as well as results from the BOD meeting held July 7, 2018.

Attendees: Kip and Bill

IT Committee is on the BOD agenda to approve spending for the following items. We have $2,800 to replace 2-3 security cameras but this project is delayed since we want to implement a larger scale project in 2019 with the BOD’s approval.

  1. Paint Pavilion Projection Screen for $999 Screen Goo is a highly recommended process used in commercial environments like museums, churches, entertainment venues, etc. One primer coat, one base coat and one finish coat. With black 2” border. Will give viewers great viewing angle and reduce glare.

  2. Switch from GRBW to HDMI. Cost is $500 - $600 Change Out Component /RGB Capability in the IT Room used for Pavilion projector to take advantage of HDMI projection and enhanced viewing pleasure. Owners will view High Definition TV shows and will set the stage to allow projection from laptops or other devices as presentation sources.

  3. Convert TV on stand to wirelessly display TV at a cost of max $525

  4. Will need a transmitter and one receiver to be placed on the TV stand.

Results from BOD meeting (includes slight change in direction):

The BOD approve the IT Committee to spend what is needed to not exceed budget allowances. Scope of project changed to include the following.

  • #2 above ($600)

  • 2 – 65” 1080 resolution HDMI Flat Screen TV’s with at least two HDMI ports (no more than $1,000 ea)

  • 2 - Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Stand ($150 ea)

  • Cabletronix CT-HDVD-HDWR-KIT HD Wireless Transmitter & Receiver Kit ($400)

  • Cabletronix CT-HDVD-HDWR-RX HDMI Wireless Receiver ($200)



We discussed submitting in the 2019 IT Committee budget to replace the Pavilion projector ($3,500) and paint the Pavilion screen ($999)

Other topics discussed:

  1. Action by Kip: determine budget cost to convert the three DVR’s used for security cameras to standard high definition.

  2. Storage size estimated a 4-6 terabytes

  3. Must have internet capability to view all cameras remotely

  4. Cost of replacement security cameras to view faces and license number plates

  5. Two options, one to use DVR storage and one to use the cloud

  6. Note to implement a 1 to 3 year plan and not a five year plan since all cameras should be changed out related to each DVR.

  7. Determine if cable to each camera has to be changed

  8. Determine if we should bring on board a security consultant to install and/or review plan

  9. Back up process

  10. Train staff how to retrieve clips

  11. Action by Kip: update directions how to use the projection and speaker equipment. Detailed version and one page version.

  12. Action Bill: locate unused servers, label them for potential use to support the Security Camera DVR’s viewing process remotely

Remaining Action Items From Previous Meetings:

  1. Action Bill: Confirm we no longer have requirements for servers and excess equipment

  2. Action Bill: Determine if we need to pursue WiFi upgrade in Clubhouse

  3. Action Bill: Help Maintenance ‘Jeff’ find product to cover hole/space left behind after removing the old unused ‘Call Buttons’

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