IT Committee Meeting Notes August 4, 2018

Clubhouse Game Room 9:00 am - 11:00 am Attendees: Harte, Sheedy, Devaux, Stumpf, Portuese Officially accepted John Stumpf as an IT Committee Member Discussed Current Projects and action items: 65" TV's * tested TV's for internet connection - successful * used Bill P's Spectrum account and successfully accessed TV functions e.g Neflix * ACTION - Donie: to sign in to TV's using Amazon account but secure purchasing feature Game Room TV * we just found out that all TV's in Clubhouse (which are under a Business Account) do not have access to sports channels as we do with the basic package for all owners. * ACTION (complete): IT Team installed splitter and cable to Game Room TV to get access to temporarily get access to sports channels. We informed Alana and Kayla bar tender how to get access to sports channels if an owner asks (until we decide to get the Clubhouse Business Account upgraded to allow them - approx. $100) * ACTION - Donie: to get exact price for sports channel package to inform BOD and determine if we should purchase now or put in 2019 budget. * IT Team installed shelf in Sandbar to place cable box so it's not on the bar and in the way * IT Team temporarily tested 'Digital Signage' on the 65" tv by using a thumb drive from Kip and displayed nicely. It is up to Steve D / Sandbar and Donie to determine what they want to display (e.g. bar specials, pictures from past Seaglass events, etc.). We recommend that Kayla and Alana to create the display for auto scrolling on the tv. SANDBAR * ACTION - Steve D: discuss with BOD the concept of installing 1-2 speakers outside near the Sandbar and FirePit. * ACTION - IT Team: if action item above is approved, research and order speakers and install * ACTION - Bill P: discuss with the Sandbar Committee whether or not they want an independent system controlled by the Sandbar only or would they want to tie into the existing bar zone with the audio source coming from the main rack. * ACTION - Bill P: discuss with Donie if he wants to open a Pandora account so he can select different music for specific areas. We're estimating three and will confirm with Donie. We will however, need to order a separate receiver station (at approx. $100) * ACTION - IT Team - install necessary equipment for each music area Security Cameras * ACTION - Kip and Bill S: - increase resolution on (initially) two cameras at the Rental Office to determine how much storage space we have remaining on the DVR due to the higher resolution. This is needed to determine game plan for future DVR's and security cameras. We currently get approximately 3 1/2 weeks storage and then the data is over written. We still need to discuss storage of date for one full year via thumb drive back up. (the Cloud was discussed but too expensive)/. We believe a 10 TeraByte hard drive will handle storage for the in season 6 months DO THIS WITH THE TWO CAMERAS ON THE EXIT GATE AND THE TASH AREA

* ACTION - Kip and Bill S: Set up and document reviewing security footage remotely. * ACTION - BILL P & Donie: discuss the Rental Office door being left unlocked after hours. This can easily be a security risk and want a plan in place to make sure it is locked EVERY NIGHT.

IT Committee Meeting Notes August 4, 2018

Clubhouse Printer * IT Team was asked when new cartridges arrive (for the owners printer by the front desk) to move printer to Business Office and set up wirelessly. * ACTION - TBD: move printer and set up for wireless use * ACTION - Alana: create message to owners and place on table with monitor (where printer use to be) telling owners what the printer wireless name is and direct them to the Business Office. IT ROOM ACROSS HALL FROM DONIE'S OFFICE * ACTION - Kip and other Team members as needed: set up new equipment recently purchased to upgrade/update equipment and sets platform to make Pavilion projector HDMI. This won't happen until the earliest August 19th. * ACTION - Kip: work with Donie to get upgraded Spectrum cable box used for the Pavilion projector MOVIE NIGHT * IT Team was approached by Susan/Activities Committee to be able to show kids or adults movies near the new fire pit as well as at the Clubhouse pool.

* ACTION - Kip: Kip has equipment, projector and screen to use temporarily for use on 'Proof of Concept' testing. We have a DVD player in the Clubhouse and the intent is to rent movies for $1.00 from the Red Box. It was discussed to use the Manager's Amazon Prime account to play movies in Pavilion as well as movie night at Family Pool and Clubhouse. The 'Proof of Concept' will happen on "Movie Night" at the Clubhouse, August 18th at dusk. Movie selected is 'JAWS' 2019 BUDGET * ACTION - BILL P: replace battery back up at Rental Office IT Room - DO WE HAVE A BATTERY BACKUP IN THE IT ROOM IN DONIE'S OFFICE????

* ACTION - BILL P: Budget to upgrade wiring to all security cameras - get pricing from Kip * ACTION - IT TEAM: determine what should be put in 2019 budget for security camera and DVR upgrade * ACTION - IT TEAM: determine if we want to budget Pavilion projector upgrade and painting screen over stage NOTE: NO COMPUTERS / PRINTERS NEEDED FOR BUDGET. WE HAVE TWO SPARE OLD SERVERS (one is being used by Bar Manager-Shay)

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IT Committee Meeting August 4

IT Committee Meeting August 4, 2018 Clubhouse Game Room 9:00 am - 11:00 am Attendees: Harte, Sheedy, Devaux, Stumpf, Portuese Officially accepted John Stumpf as an IT Committee Member Discussed

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