BOD Meeting Minutes 06/03/18



JUNE 3 ,2018

Larry began the meeting at 9:05 with a welcome back and a recognition of new owners.

Review of Agenda:

Larry began with a quick review of the agenda and shared some information from the May 6 working session and the May 13 committee meetings.

Presidents report:

Larry covered the following:

• Transition, please be patient we are working hard.

• Pickle ball court is complete

• Operating SGV with a business-like approach

• board meetings will be monthly in the clubhouse to conduct business at hand only.

• Communication structure with Donnie’s availability

• There will be consistency in decision making

• Finances are in good shape

Financial report:

Judy and Richard covered the following:

• Still Transitioning with Great North

• working on separating the profit centers from other finances

• minimal tax impact from developers write off 290 Fed, 267 State

• no extra budget costs

• investments will be transferred to higher earning products

Larry thanked the committees for all their hard work.


Linea covered the following:

• Donnie has adapted very well and is learning quickly

• Kara the representative from GN was introduced and covered her responsibilities

• Donnie covered the following

1. Large trash items to be tagged

2. Greenscapes is the new landscaper

3. no gift cards at bar

4. pool issues are being addressed

5. clubhouse is open 9-5

6. bar is doing well so far

7. Staff and responsibilities were covered

Larry responded that the pools are an issue and we are working hard on a resolution.

Open Forum:

The following were brought up by owners.

• Need for more staff especially at desk

• Tick spraying the property

• Landscaping the tennis court

• Tennis court under 18 access

• Pool heaters and upkeep

Unfinished business:

The following motions were addressed:

• Fire pit placement at family pool. Passed 5-0

• Ban on individual gas fire pits. passed 5-0

• New EMOC maintenance policy. Passed 5-0

11:15 Larry made motion to adjourn, Judy second. passed 5-0

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