EMOC Sept. 1st 2018 minutes

Seaglass Village EMOC Committee

September 1, 2018 Minutes

Attendees: John Bocchino, John Connors, Jerry Schloesel, Carmine Sammarco, Al Dello Iancono, John Snell, Donnie

• Meeting minutes for 8/18 were accepted by all.

• This meeting was limited to review of cottage approvals only as the team spent the allotted time preparing budget estimates for 2019

• EMOC proposals:

• Cottage #219 – Install one additional light fixture in rear of house. The EMOC will review this at our next meeting. All members to look at cottage and location request before the next meeting.

• Cottage #300 – Small storage shed for lawnmower. Declined due to lot coverage constraints.

• All agreed on the above items

• Next meeting will be on September 15th at 9:00 AM EST.


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