Bye Bye Seaglass Golf Tournament

Bye Bye Seaglass

Golf Tournament


Saturday, October 13th

$100 Includes Golf Cart and Prizes

Open to the first 24 Players to sign up.


6 teams of 4.

The Brable:

All Players hit drive and hit from best drive.

The Scramble:

Ok…try to follow me here. From the drive to the cup is cart golf. Meaning you and your cart mate will play best ball from the drive until you hole out.

Teams need to choose wisely how they decide to cart up. Each team will get 2 scores per hole which is added together to become the team total.

Also we will be playing closest to the hole on all four par 3’s.

Plus…there’s more!!

Closest to the pin on 4 and 17 on the 2nd shot!

Sign up at the clubhouse.

Pay the day of the game.

Please arrive at the The Links at Outlook by 7:15 AM. Pay the $75 for your cart and greens fees. The 1st tee time is 8:00 AM. Each ‘A’ player will collect $25 from each team member for prizes. Please be at the practice putting green at 7:45 AM for a quick review of the rules.

The Links at Ouloook

310 Portland St | South Berwick, ME 03908 | (207) 384-4653

Team 5: 832 AM

A Larry Abitiel

B Steve Deveau

C Gerry Rogers

D John Conners

Team 6: 840 AM

A Peter Little

B Harry Callahan

C Bill Stumph

D Gerry Schlessel

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