BOD Meeting Minutes 8/12/2018

Members present:

Larry Abatiell

Linea Aspesi

Judy Moseley

John Snell

A quorum was present. The meeting was called to order at 9:02 A.M.

Larry began the meeting by thanking John Stanzel for all his work.

Approval of the minutes from 7/7/2018:

Judy made a motion to accept the minutes, John seconded . Motion passed 4-0

Officer Report:

Larry Stated that the election date would be announced shortly. Larry further stated that we have had issues with Great North in terms of reporting the financials. The Board will be addressing this.


Donnie reported the following:

  • Alana is back in school Sydney would be on the front desk

  • Linda will be back on security full time

  • Landscaping issues are being addressed

  • Mulch is being delivered and spread in the common areas

  • Wood chips have been delivered to the dog park

  • Gravel will be put on the roads near 186, Northern slip and barnacle Bay

  • The new fire pit will be installed starting 8/13

Bill Portuese expressed concerns about Landscaping in general, Donnie responded he will work with Kara and Brian from Greenscapes

Tom Hynes warned that 218 is in a drainage area and we need to be cautious there.

Larry asked Donnie to be aware of speeding as it is out of control.

Committee Reports:

Finance: Judy reported that we are working with GN to get everything straight. She then turned the meeting over to Richard Gregorio. Richard reported that we are in good shape financially and our profit centers are both in in the black. But would need to be looked at closer. A complete financial statement will be available to the community when finished.

Richard stated that the budget is in good shape after repairs to infrastructure.

Judy made a motion to put our reserve in a high yield account. John seconded. Motion passed 4-0


Jerry Schlessal reported for the committee and provided the following:

  • The open/close policy will be finalized shortly

  • Deck policy is in final stages getting a standard item

  • Gutter policy has been approved to provide permanent gutters for 3 season homes

  • An outside spigot policy is being looked at

  • Signage for rentals and emergency buttons need to be labeled

  • Road grading policy is being formulated to maintain gravel roads on a yearly basis

  • Will be looking for bids to fix compass point


Tom Hynes reported the following:

  • The ARC has had 9 meetings and fielded 70 proposals

  • Tree program will be in place

  • 4 season golf cart parking is being addressed, Mickey Mezza inquired if the branches are removed, Tom responded too costly. Another owner wanted to do their own Tom responded it is a liability

  • Judy inquired about the retention ponds , Tom responded that it is on the inspection schedule.

  • Larry had 2 comments the 4 season parking and a sign off on landscaping during sales. Tom responded that is being looked at.

Rental Committee:

Lorraine presented that we are in good shape even though we have had trouble with the web site. A brief conversation ensued between her and Bill p regarding such. Janice wanted to know if the site is interactive, answer no.

We are trending in a good direction and are booking into 2019 already. We are looking for Synergy between Sandbar and Rental to improve sales.

Sand bar:

Steve reported that it appears we are profitable and are looking to add themed events to improve sales and want to work with entertainment.

Entertainment Committee:

Has reported that there are 22 events planned and we are under budget.


Bill Portuese reported that Bill Stumpf had joined the committee .

He further reported on multiple projects in the planning. Most would need board approval

New Business:

  1. Fire pit at family pool will cost 12,500 and Howard will pay 2000-3000.

  2. Mickey M wanted to know if we got 3 bids. Donnie responded no. Judy made a motion that in the future any project over 5000 will get 3 bids. Linea seconded motion passed 4-0

  3. Judy proposed we pay for fire pit out of reserves, Larry responded it will add value, motion passed 4-0

  4. A motion was made by Linea to pay 1275 for an AED at family pool seconded by John motion passed 4-0

  5. John made a motion to take 2500 out of operating to mulch common are, Linea seconded motion passed 4-0

  6. Judy suggested we purchase new battery chargers out of operating no motion needed


Larry made a motion at 10:35 that we go into executive session, Judy seconded. Motion passed 4-0. At 1:25 executive session ended. John made a motion at 1:28 to end meeting Linea seconded. Motion passed 4-0

John Snell


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