9/15/18 EMOC Minutes

Seaglass Village EMOC Committee

September 15, 2018 Minutes

Attendees: John Bocchino, Carmine Sammarco, Al Dello Iancono

• Meeting minutes for 9/1 were accepted by all

  • Bob Tozier attended the early part of the meeting to discuss the issue we have with common feed lines and shallow main lines which will effect the closing process having two plumbers. Logistics were discussed and a game plan established.

  • Each plumber will close cottages seperately and put meters on the steps.

  • Any cottages with common feed lines will be left unblown.

  • Bob will send a quote to do all common feed lines and shallow mains after all cottages are closed.

  • EMOC will strongly recommend to the board that one plumber blow out all common service lines and that that plumber be Bob Tozier.

• EMOC proposals:

  • Cottage #219 – Install one additional light fixture in rear of house. (Denied)

  • Policy Updates:

  • Deck Policy – EMOC to discuss at next meeting as John Connors was not in attendance

  • Special Projects:

  • Materials to repair cottage 217/225 have been purchased by the HOA. They will be installed and billed to the owner.

  • We have received updated financials from Donnie.

  • Budget – Pool Open/Close quote has been received

  • Next Saturday we will hold a special EMOC meeting to finalize EMOC input to the budget.

  • Fire Pit – The fire pit design will need to be reconsidered. Complaints have been received that it is very deep restricting the sight and warmth of the fire.

• All agreed on the above items

• Next meeting will be on September 29th at 9:00 AM EST.


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