BOD Approved Meeting Minutes 10/21/18

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

The first regular monthly meeting of the SGV Board after new elections

was called to order on Sunday, October 21, at 10:25 AM at the

Association’s premises in Wells Maine. This meeting was held

immediately after the Association meeting of this date, and some

Cottage Owners were present throughout. Judy Moseley as senior

member was in the chair.

Members present were:

Judy Moseley

Richard Gregorio

Joe Noonan

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

This being the first meeting of this board as newly constituted, there

were no minutes to approve.

Mr. Gregorio moved that Mrs. Moseley be elected President of the

Board. The motion was adopted unanimously without debate.

Mrs. Moseley moved that Mr. Gregorio be elected Treasurer. The

motion was adopted unanimously without debate.

Mrs. Moseley moved that Mr. Fields be elected Secretary. The motion

was adopted unanimously without debate.

Mrs. Moseley moved that Mr. Noonan be elected Vice President. The

motion was adopted unanimously without debate.

Mr. Meza will serve as Member at large.

Mrs. Moseley, now in the chair as President, expressed thanks to

departing members of the Board, and also to the newly elected


The President announced that she is appointing Mr. Gregorio as


The Chair then made a series of announcements:

A regular monthly meeting will be held on the third Sunday of each

month, probably at 9:00 A.M. Eastern Time, but the actual time will be

announced subsequently. Throughout the winter these meetings will

be by conference call. Information on the conference bridge

arrangements will be announced to cottage owners so that they may

participate as appropriate.

She also announced that meetings of the Association (owners’

meetings) in 2019 will be held on the third Sundays of June and August.

Work on the budget will begin early so as to allow committees enough

time to organize their budget input.

The board will send monthly e-mails to cottage owners throughout the

winter, with a board report in each e-mail.

An employee organization chart and job descriptions for employees are

being prepared and will be voted on during the November Board

Meeting. They will subsequently be available on the website.

All employees and Great North will be evaluated and decisions made

regarding staffing for next year.

Revisions to By-Laws and Rules have been under consideration for

some time. They are not yet complete but will be a priority.

The chair asked for questions from the floor:

Question: Who will the employees be.

Chair: All employees will be evaluated and a determination made for

next year. It is not yet known which if any employees wish to remain.

Question: Will there be a satisfaction survey as was done in previous


Chair: Yes. The board is working on communication processes.

Remark: Suggestion that questions for the Board and issues raised by

Owners for consideration by the Board be submitted in advance and in


Chair: We will ask for written items in advance.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 A.M.

Jerry Fields, Sec’y

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