BOD Meeting Minutes 11/18/18

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of November 18, 2018. This meeting was

held by conference call.

Members present were:

Judy Moseley

Richard Gregorio

Joe Noonan

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

Mrs. Moseley called the meeting to order at approximately 9:00 EST.

Presidential Report

Mrs Moseley reported as follows:

• Regarding the survey of unit owners, approximately 70 responses

have been received to date. She will report results at the next

meeting of the Board of Directors.

• Job descriptions for Seaglass employees are being worked on.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

The reading of the minutes of the meeting of October 21, 2018 was

waived. The minutes were approved as written by unanimous vote.

Financial Report

Mr. Gregorio reported:

Regarding most recent financial report from Great North, there was

some discussion of whether or not some balances remaining from year

ago have yet been written off. Great North is to send a report of old

balances to the Board who will decide what is to be written off.

Regarding budget, the goal is to get it formatted in time for January’s

activity. Great North will enter the new foremat into their system and

send to Board for Checking. (Mr. Gregorio to send final version to

Great North).

The payment schedule for regular Unit Owner assessments was


A motion was made to retain the existing quarterly billing schedule for

regular assessments, but to change the amounts due in each quarter to

be 25 percent of the annual amount assessed so that payments are

level. The motion carried unanimously.

A discussion of auditing/reviewing the Association’s financial records

was next. It was decided to direct the finance committee to get bids

and investigate whether a review or audit is to be performed, and

report their findings to the Board.

Approval of the October 2018 financial reports is postponed to the

December meeting, pending completion and corrections. Great North

was asked to stay current so we can approve and distribute the reports

in a more timely manner.

Great North Report and Clarification of Roles

Great North reports that they are currently doing some maintenance,

including some battery replacements for closing. General Manager

commented that work with GN is going smoothly.

Mrs. Mosley requested that Great North send a reminder to Unit

Owners of the services provided to them by Great North.

Mr. Noonan requested information on how many Unit Owners used

Great North services last season, and whether it was possible to bundle

services to multiple cottages to obtain a price reduction.

Mrs. Mosley again indicated that she feels that the Association needs

better communication to the Unit Owners of what Great North does.

Committee Chair Reports

EMOC: General Manager reported on the most recent EMOC meeting

in lieu of committee chair. Winter projects were discussed. Inspection

checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly intervals are to be prepared in

order to better guide and direct employee activities.

The new gutter policy was discussed.

The new deck replacement policy was discussed. A motion to adopt

this new policy as reported by EMOC was passed unanimously.

Old Business

The Rules, Fines and Enforcement Policy update which was begun under

the previous board is to be brought to completion

Damage to the walking pool was discussed. Vendor is to inspect the

walking pool to determine if recent repairs were sufficient.

New Business

Employee reviews and discretionary bonuses were discussed.

It was moved that the General Manager do written reviews of Alana,

Ashley, Linda and Brandy, and that a total of $1000 be appropriated for

discretionary bonuses to be distributed among these employees, the

amounts and recipients to be determined at the discretion of the

General Manager. This motion was approved unanimously.

A motion to adopt the organization chart for 2019 as prepared by Mrs.

Moseley was approved unanimously.

A motion to adopt the job description for the General Manager for the

year 2019 as prepared by Mrs. Moseley was approved unanimously.

Assignment of Board Members as liaison to standing committees was

made by motion, unanimously approved:

Mr. Gregorio— Finance Committee

Mr. Noonan— Rental and Sandbar Committees

Mr. Meza— EMOC and ARC

Mr. Fields— Entertainment

Mrs. Moseley— IT and Web Committees

A discussion of landscape plan approvals in absence of the ARC was

discussed. It was agreed that separate mailboxes for EMOC and ARC

shall be established with automated forwarding of e-mails arriving in

that box to the General Manager, the committee chairmen and the

other committee members.

Communications regarding requests for ARC and EMOC actions are to

be sent by Unit Owners to these new boxes exclusively. This procedure

will insure that all relevant persons receive these e-mails with reduced

opportunity for human error.

Procedure for appointment to standing committees was discussed.

Appointments to standing committees require Board of Directors

approval as stated in the By-Laws.

A motion to appoint Unit Owner John Snell to the EMOC committee

was approved unanimously.

A motion to appoint Unit Owner Alex Ucciferri to the Finance

Committee as chair was approved unanimously.

A request for appointment of Unit Owner Nancy Fields as co-chair of

the Rental Committee was declined by vote of four members, Mr.

Fields abstaining.

A request was received from the Rental Committee for membership in

the Chambers of Commerce of Ogunquit and Wells.

A motion was made to join the Chamber of Commerce of Ogunquit and

the Chamber of Commerce of Wells. An expenditure of a total of $660

for membership dues in these organization shall be made. The motion

passed unanimously.

The board recessed and went into executive session.

At the conclusion of the executive session, the Board was again called

to order, Mrs. Moseley in the chair.

A motion to review and negotiate a new contract with Donnie by the

end of December with Board approval was carried unanimously.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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