BOD Meeting Minutes 7/7/18




July 7,2018

Members present:

Larry Abatiell

Linea Aspesi

Judy Moseley

John Snell

John Stanzel

A quorum was present. The meeting was called to order at 9:10 A.M.

Review of Agenda:

Larry went over the day’s agenda noting that Donnie Sanborn was running late and proceeded with those items that he could without Donnie.

Approval of the minutes from 6/3/2018:

Larry commented that the board needs more time to review the minutes as he had a question. This will be deferred to the next meeting.

Officer Report:

Richard Gregorio presented a Finance Committee Report noting that statements through May are available. Judy noted that we should be up to date through June in the next couple of weeks.

Larry addressed concerns about the pools and noted that the pump for the main pool had been replaced but we have not received an invoice. The cost is approximately $2500.00. John Snell made a motion to pay the cost out of reserve. The motion was seconded by Judy and passed 5-0. Larry noted the exact amount will be updated to the board when the invoice is received.

Larry reviewed the vote to allow 18 and under players on the tennis court. Donnie responded the vote was 63-29 in favor. John Snell added a caveat that we do not want to start the practice of changing the amenity policies. Linea responded that this could be a slippery slope. After a brief discussion the board agreed that this policy should be enforced for tennis only and a motion proposed by John Snell and seconded by Judy Moseley was passed 5-0 and we asked all owners to be aware of any issues.

Larry asked the IT committee to clarify their requests to upgrade the technology at the clubhouse. Kip Sheedy outlined the advantaged of moving the clubhouse from an analog connection to a HDMI based setup. Bill Portuese added that there was money in the IT budget that would not be spent on old technology and up to $4300.00 was available for this conversion. After a brief discussion the board reviewed a motion to upgrade the technology in the clubhouse not to exceed the budgeted money. The motion was proposed by Judy Moseley and seconded by Linea Aspesi. The motion passed 5-0

Larry asked Donnie to clarify the pool situation. Donnie responded that we have been working diligently to keep the pools clean and open. He did report that we have been in negotiations with East Coast pools to contract as our pool vendor. East coast has been available and provided valuable help in opening the walking pool and advising on upkeep of the pools in general. Donnie mentioned that they suggested a robot and automatic chemical feeder to help with maintaining the pools. Larry responded that we will look into budgeting for next year. Linea addressed the concerns of owners regarding the quality of the pools and suggested if needed the pools should be closed for cleaning on an as needed basis.

John Stanzel added that everything in the community is a balance and the BOD appreciates feedback from the owners.

Larry spoke to the EMOC open close policy and noted that SGV will be employing the services of Bob Tozer to perform that procedure. He noted that owners still have the option of performing the service themselves or contracting another vendor.


John Stanzel made a motion to go into Executive session at 9:58. Larry seconded the motion and noted that the BOD would be seeking legal advice from our contracted attorney to resolve 4 issues. The motion was seconded by John Snell and passed 5-0.

Commencement of BOD meeting:

The open meeting was re-convened at 10:49.

Larry reported that after consultation with the SGV attorney that three of the 4 complaints are resolvable under SGV declaration and/or bylaws. He noted that all property outside the cottage is common land and subject to the rules and regulations of SGV. The LCE shown on the plans for each cottage owner in the four season cottages are for their exclusive use and it shall be respected by other cottage owners and their guests.


Cottage 201 has the right to place a splash guard in the perceived LCE of cottage 202 under section 2.4C which allows minimal intrusions into space depending upon individual circumstances. Cottage 201 gutters have been approved by EMOC under the same conditions set forth for all Four Season cottage owners. Permits are still required for all Four Season cottage owners.

Cottage 201 must remove the camera from the exterior as it is a violation of EMOC policy regarding additions to structure. A request may be made to add a camera to the exterior of a cottage through EMOC.

Cottage 203 may apply to ARC for permission for a Golf Cart parking place. Under article 3.5 in the declaration states that the declarant can designate additional spaces not listed on plats and plans. . All Four Season owners will need to apply for approval if their cottage unit does not show a designated golf cart space on the approved plans / plats issued by the Town of Wells. The AM will send more details on this in the near future.

John Snell made a motion seconded by Judy, regarding landscaping at cottage 202.

The motion stated:

To uphold the resolution passed by the BOD on August 5, 2015 regarding the maintenance of trees at cottage 202. There will be a 14 day period for the owners at 202 to comply with the resolution commencing on the date of correspondence. Should the owners of Cottage 202 not comply, a landscaper will be hired by SGV to meet the resolution and the cost of services rendered will be passed on to the owners of cottage 202.

The motion passed 5-0

Without objection Larry adjourned the meeting at 11:06 am.

Respectfully submitted,

John Snell


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