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Approved 2/24/2019


In order to maintain the quality of the appearance of Seaglass Village and surroundings, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has established the following procedures, standards and prohibitions with the intent of accommodating the individual tastes and preferences of cottage owners while maintaining a degree of uniformity and fostering the continuous beautification of the entire community.


Proposals are required for any landscaping, including within the 6 ft. privacy area for seasonal cottages. The area beyond the 6 ft. privacy zone remains part of the common area even if landscaped by the cottage owner.

The 4 season cottages have to put in a proposal for changes to their LCE and common area. Proposals must clearly identify both areas.

Cottage owners are reminded that all the area around the cottages is owned by the Association.

Proposals must include a cover sheet with a detailed description of the work to be done along with a clear sketch, including measurements, displayed on a single page. The proper forms are available at the Clubhouse front desk or on-line.

Proposals for any physical alterations to the cottage (e.g. storm door, house attachments such as a flower pot or flag, etc.) must be submitted to the Engineering, Maintenance and Operations Committee (EMOC).

I. Landscape Plans are to be submitted to the General Manager.

II. The ARC will generally meet weekly asnecessary between June and September. Typically, any proposals received between Thursday of oneweek and the Wednesday of the following week, will put in that week’s folder to be reviewed in that week’s meeting. Any proposals received after Wednesday will go in a folder to be reviewed the following week.

III. After eligible and properly submitted proposals are reviewed by the ARC, one of the following will occur:

a. Approved by the ARC.

b. Approved with conditions noted by the ARC

c. Returned to Cottage Homeowner for further information

  1. Denied by the ARC

IV. The ARC will then notify the Cottage Homeowner of its decision.Homeowners can appeal the decision to the Board of Directors (BOD).

V. Approved plans must be implemented within ninety (90) Seaglass days (May 1 - October 31) following approval. After 90 Seaglass days, approved but unimplemented plans must be resubmitted. In addition, plans seeking implementation by May 1 of any year must be submitted and approvedno later than September 30th of prior year: No plans will be reviewed or approved by the ARC in May or in October.

VI. Cottage owners must notify the GM when their landscaping project is complete, so that a compliance review can be scheduled.

VII. Any plan extending to the common area should be shared with abutting neighbor as a courtesy prior to submitting to the ARC or BOD.

VIII. Generally speaking, no landscape plan that extends more than half the distance to an adjacent cottage will be approved.

IX. We recommend that you contact dig safe before landscaping if there is going to be any digging.

X. The ARC strongly recommends that projects NOTbe started before receiving approval from the committee. Should some or all of the proposal be subsequently denied, the cottage owner will be required to undo the work at his/her own expense and, in addition, may be assessed a fine by the Association.


Prohibitions are a necessary and essential part of these procedures and the Association’s objectives. They must be abided by including, and are not necessarily limited to the following:

I. Fences or territorial barriers of any kind including trees and shrubs. The only exception is a maximum of four arborvitaes in a row not to exceed 5 feet tall.

II. Paversother than for walkways, bricks, flagstone, slate, stone dust, whiterock,landscape fabric or statues.

III. Artificial turf, artificial mulch or any material that is impermeable to water.

IV. The 3 ft. strip of grass abutting the road which was planted by the Developer, needs to be left untouched unless installing lawns.

V. Clotheslines, canopies, tents, hammocks and the like are not permitted at Seaglass Village without explicit written approval of ARC.

VI. Yard tools, hoses, buckets, and other items that you use outside of your cottage must be stored out of sight. The only exceptions are made for patio furniture, grills and any other object that has been approved for outside by the ARC.

VII. Under no circumstances may trash or trash containers be left outside your cottage.

VIII. Landscaping cannot be allowed within 25 ft. of designated wetlands.

IX. Designated buffer zones cannot be altered or modified in any way.

X. There can be no grading change of land.

XI. Landscaping projects must not cover water shut-offs. These have to visible when the plumber closes your cottage.


I. Patios/Driveways/Walkways: ¾” or smaller crushed blue or gray stone, river rock, or grey/tan pea stone.

II. Existing stone driveways or walkways can only be replenished with ¾” crushed stone dark in color, grass driveways have to remain grass. Replenishing stone driveways with the same stone does not require a new proposal, but the cottage owner must notify the GM so that there is a record of the change. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the lot coverage issue, when replenishing stone walks or driveways, the area covered by the stone must not be increased.

Under no circumstances can ARC approve changes in the dimensions or location of driveways. Nor does ARC have the authority to allow cars to be parked anywhere other than on driveways.

III. Mulch must be dark brown or black. Replenishing existing mulch with mulch of the same color does not require a new proposal, but the cottage owner must notify the GM so that there is a record of the change.

IV. Landscape timbers are to be 6 inches by 6 inches and be part of an approved plan.

V. Landscape edging is limited to black vinyl, plastic or rubber, stone, timbers, and pavers all no higher than 6 inches unless designed to address safety or topographical concerns. Stone, timbers and pavers are only allowed on cottages that have stone and must be placed within the existing stone area.

VI. Garden /Lawn ornaments are limited to 3 three and will be considered as part of the overall landscape plan submitted by the owner.

VII. Ornamental trees and shrubs are permissible as part of the overall landscape plan. We recommend that you plant trees common to the area such as Birch, Oak, Pine and Maple.

VIII. Tree removal, if you want a tree removed you need to contact the ARC. The ARC will work to get a group rate to have the trees removed. You DON'T need to plant two trees when you have one removed. Tree removal will look to be done in the late fall. If you have a tree of minimal size and want to take it down yourself, check with the ARC before removing it yourself. You must sign a waiver and will be responsible for any injury or damage resulting from removal.

IX. Only non-flashing white solar lights are allowed. A picture of the lights must accompany the proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: ARC considers this a working document and the committee is open to input and modifications as we go forward. In addition, the Association and cottage owners are subject to the laws, regulations and ordinances of the Town of Wells and numerous agencies at both the State and Federal levels. Accordingly, ARC cannot be responsible for policy changes mandated by subsequent actions of these parties.

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