Approved BOD Minutes 1/20/19

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of January 20, 2019 . This meeting was held

by conference call.

Members present were:

Judy Moseley

Richard Gregorio

Joe Noonan

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

Staff present was:

Donny Sanborn

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:03 A.M. EST. Mrs.

Moseley was in the chair.

Presidential Report

Mrs Mosley reported as follows:

The President, on behalf of the Association, expressed condolences to

the family of Diane Dello Iancono.

• Goals set for this board at the outset have largely been reached:

o Monthly meetings during off-season

o Job descriptions and organization charts have been

completed and approved

o Amended bylaws are ready for review in anticipation that

they will be presented to the Owners at the first meeting

after the season begins.

• Still some concern about Great North

o Financials still not produced in a timely manner

o Financials still not conforming to accepted standards

Approval of Minutes of Meeting of December Regular Meeting

Minutes for the meeting of December 16, 2018 having been examined

by all members prior to the current meeting, the reading of the minutes

was waived. They were approved unanimously.

Financial Report

Mr. Gregorio and Mrs. Moseley reported as follows: We are still

struggling to get adequate financial reports. Revenue which should be

deferred is still being reported as current revenue. It appears that the

books are accurate on a cash basis which is evident from a

reconciliation of the Balance Sheet with the bank statements. However

Income which should show in FY2019 is showing in FY2018. The Profit

and Loss statement is still showing a loss in rentals which is known to

be wrong. Great North continues to mix cash basis and accrual basis in

our reports. We still do have accurate final results for FY2018

Mr. Sanborn and Mrs. Moseley have spent a very great amount of time

trying to get Great North to perform adequately.

Committee Reports

Sandbar Committee. Mr. Noonan, as liaison to the Sandbar Committee

reported on most recent meeting as follows:

• Hiring a new bar lead was discussed by the Committee

• Ways to enhance profitability in order to break even or make a

profit were talked about

• They considered selling wine by the bottle at a reduced markup in

stead of by the glass in order eliminate waste

• There will another meeting next month. They intend to report

final plans to the Board in March.

EMOC Committee. Mr. Meza reported that the meeting for January

was very brief with no business discussed because there was no


Mr. Sanborn reported that he has received quotes for card readers

and keypads at the gates to the family pool. He discussed them with

the two committee members present at the EMOV meeting, and

they suggested that he pass them along to the Board.

The original quote for the card reader/keypad project for the pool

was from Minute Man Security. It came in at $24,000 which was felt

to be unreasonable.

A competing quote was obtained from Seacoast Security for $3,800

plus $600 for the keypads. However, this quote would continue to

use the existing server provided by Minute Man, and would require

an expansion of that old server’s capacity. This expansion would

have to be done by Minute Man at an additional cost of $2,400. This

would bring the total cost to $6,800.

Donny then got a further quote from Seacoast, the company which

already does our fire and security. This version was $4,800 and

would move everything over to a Seacoast provided system,

eliminating the need to pay Minuteman for an expansion to the old

server. It appears that this latest quote from Seacoast would be

within budget and would be lowest price, not including a

maintenance contract, if any.

A motion was made and seconded that we switch the existing access

card readers and keypads to Seacoast and add card readers and

keypads to the fence gates of the family pool at an additional cost of

$4,800 one time charge. Donny is authorized to proceed. The

motion carried unanimously.

Donny was asked to get a quote for maintenance to be considered at

a future meeting.

There was a brief discussion of a new policy for gutters. The board

directed that it be written up and submitted to the Board for approval

at the next meeting.

Rental Committee. Lorraine Devaux has submitted her resignation

as chair of the rental committee. Donny suggested that perhaps a

split role would be a good approach to distributing the load of work.

Donny will discuss that with the rental committee. In the

meanwhile, the Board will keep a chairman for Rental on the radar.

Finance Committee. Reported by Mr. Gregorio.

• There is a meeting of the finance committee in one week to

review the accounting situation.

• A number of accounting firms have been contacted about

conducting a review or audit. One in Andover, and also the

largest accounting firm in Maine, Harvey, Lamont and

McNamee. They will be reviewed at the next meeting of the


• An engagement letter has been received from our existing firm,

Harvey and Martin, to continue the same services in the

coming year. Mr. Gregorio has held off on signing it pending

the current review of our accounting arrangements.

New Business

Revisions to the By-Laws.

The Board’s attorney has made suggestions for revisions to the By-

Laws. All members have reviewed them. The plan is to vote on them in

a future meeting, and then to present them to the Owners at a meeting

in the future.

A discussion of the attorney’s suggestion ensued. The board will

consider these suggestions at a future meeting.

New Business

Hiring for 2019

Mr. Noonan spoke about the discussion in the Sandbar Committee

about the bar lead. The sense of the committee was to have a bar lead

rather than bar manager. They are recommending Ashley. A motion to

offer the bar lead position at a wage that falls within the budget, which

was passed unanimously.

After discussion, it was concluded that as a matter of informal policy,

all contact with SGV rental program renters should proceed exclusively

through SGV staff, and that rental committee members should avoid

direct contact with renters.

An employee handbook was discussed. Donny will be working on a

handbook for presentation to the Board, after which it will be reviewed

by the attorney.

It was moved that use of SGV credit cards should be restricted to

business use only. The motion carried unanimously.

Use of the clubhouse for potluck events was discussed. Due to cost, the

Sandbar will not be open on Tuesdays which is the usual night for these

dinners. This means that the bartender will not be available to open

and close the building on Tuesday nights. If it is desired to continue

holding the potluck on Tuesdays, a member of SGV staff will alter their

regular hours so that they may stay to open and close, and supervise

the building during the event. They employee will start work later on

that day in order to avoid going over their allotted hours. Because the

Sandbar will be closed, bar service will not be available, although

bottles of wine may be pre-ordered but must be poured by SGV staff.

Alternatively, the Entertainment Committee may choose to move their

event to another night, perhaps Thursday when the Sandbar will be


Open Forum

No unit owners chose to speak.

Executive Session

Return to Regular Session

The Board returned to regular session at 10:58 EST.

Motion to Hire Alana for the Customer Service Position at a wage

within the budget. The motion carried unanimously.

Motion to Hire Ashley as Bar Lead at a wage within the budget. The

motion carried unanimously.

Motion to Hire Brandy for the rental position at a wage within the

budget. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made to terminate the contract with Great North with a

ninety- day notice. It was discussed that the Association has not

realized the anticipated value add, and they have been woefully

inadequate in providing accounting services. Further that Donny be

authorized to enter into discussion with Bobby Spencer about engaging

her to provide accounting services. The motion passed unanimously.

It was discussed that the Board will look into hiring an Assistant

Manager after the costs for replacement accounting services are


Motion “Go Patriots”

Motion to adjourn at 11:02. Motion carried unanimously

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