Approved BOD Minutes 2/24/19

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of February 24, 2019 . This meeting was held

by conference call. Due notice having been given to the Owners, this

meeting was postponed from February 17, 2019.

Members present were:

Judy Moseley

Richard Gregorio

Joe Noonan

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

Staff present was:

Donny Sanborn

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST. Mrs.

Moseley was in the chair.

Presidential Report

Mrs Mosley reported as follows:

A redlined copy of amended By Laws has been sent to the board for

review. A section on standing committees has been added. We are still

working to present the new By Laws to the owners at the first meeting

during the season.

Donny has been working on hiring and advertising.

There are some homeowners requests that will be discussed in

executive session.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting of December Regular Meeting

Minutes for the meeting of January 20, 2018, having been examined by

all members prior to the current meeting, the reading of the minutes

was waived. They were approved unanimously. The Chair ordered that

they be published to the website.

Financial Report

Mr. Gregorio reported that December financial reports are not quite

ready, pending reconciliation of Rental, especially working out what

should be deferred income. He has requested that Bonnie compute

what portion of income received should be reported as deferred.

A conference call has been scheduled with our independent auditor. It

appears that we will have to rely on him to get accurate financials for

tax purposes.

We have a first pass at January financials which came in on Friday.

Mrs. Moseley suggested that although we are obligated to pay Great

North through May, that we should take over the financials now. Mr.

Gregorio said that he will discuss that proposal with Bonnie to get her


Alex Ucciferri, Bonnie, and Donnie had meeting last week to discuss

progress on new Chart of Accounts and other finance questions.

Setting up Quick Books is almost set up, although we are waiting on

items from Great North to finish.

Mrs. Moseley expressed frustration that we have not been able to

publish financials because Great North has not yet delivered accurate

reports. Bobbi is working on straightening this out. We are probably

eighty percent ready to make the transition.

Mr. Fields brought up the topic of where funds received from Great

North from our reserves will be placed. Mrs. Moseley suggested that

this should be discussed in the Financial Committee and asked Mr.

Gregorio to report to Board on progress. Also requested him to talk

with our accountant about the regulations for handling reserve funds.

Old Business

Report from General Manager:

Hiring has been posted. Has received two resumes.

Jockey pump panel on the fire pump in the clubhouse. We have

received two quotes. He has ordered to have the work done by the end

of next week.

Contract with new cleaning company. Said that current company was

unable to provide insurance and a W9. Said there were too many

complaints of things missed. Decision was made to move on. Received

references from the new cleaning company. They are insured. They

will also do private cleaning.

Dumpster area: Has requested quotes for replacement of doors, and

will seek others.

Mr. Noonan suggested that we replace only the large door as the side

door is not critical.

It is planned to take this repair from the fence budget of $4,000. It was

determined that the quotes will come in at under the $2,500 authority

for General Manager approval, so no resolution from Board will be

necessary. It was suggested that he consult EMOC on this matter.

Pickle ball court privacy panels need replacement. Would like to know

if we are doing new privacy panels or trees and shrubs instead. It was

directed that Manager poll the five houses involved about what

solution they would like to implement.

Employee handbook is still in preparation, but almost done. He will

send us his result when ready.

Hiring adjustments may be necessary due to changes in arrangements.

We will have a savings with Great North, but we also need to assess

what to do to make up for deficit from last year. We may have to cut

the assistant to the Manager to half time.

Mr. Sanborn reviewed the current status of hiring:

• Alana has declined the customer service position. She will come

back part time to work the front desk.

• Hired Bobbi as accountant.

• Hired Ashley as the bar lead. One additional person has already

been hired for bar tending, and they are seeking one more.

• Maintenance Manager is in progress, with two resumes received.

• Will be placing Customer Service Manager advertisement which

he finished on Friday.

EMOC requested that we postpone consideration of the new gutter

policy until next month to give them time to run it by the city.

New Business

Moved and seconded to accept new ARC landscape policies as

submitted. Approved unanimously.

There was further discussion of doors at dumpster area. There was a

suggestion for an extra trash pickup on holiday weeks.

Security for outsiders making unauthorized use of family pool.

Open Forum

Open forum was offered to non-board attendees.

Gary in 178 asked about payment of April assessments. Are they to

be paid to Great North or Seaglass Village? Answer: Until further

notice, assessments are to be paid to Great North.

Mr. Sanborn indicated that he made a mistake on the cottage village

cleanup dates. He will be adding a third date for an April 20th

cleanup date. Dates are: March 16th, April 6th, and April 20th.

Executive Session

The Board went into executive session at approximately 10:15 AM

and went into regular session at 10:44 AM.

Regular Session Resumed

It was moved and seconded that the request from Betty Bradford in

172 regarding allowing visitor dogs be approved. The motion passed

passed three to one, with Mr. Noonan voting no.

Motion to adjourn at 10:50. Motion carried unanimously.

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