Rental Program Meeting Minutes 2/10/19

Rental Program Meeting Minutes February 10, 2019 @ 10am

Approval of 1/13 Meeting Minutes: Not discussed – add to March agenda

Financials and rental report:

  • Year end financials: To be discussed w/Donnie

Reservations: Many problems w/Guesty software to be discussed with Guesty rep ASAP:

  • 10 day credit card processing?

  • Airbnb 2-day booking - #213

  • Automatic responders


  • Facebook Paid ads: to date – Amount spent: $100, Reach: 6000+, Post engagements: 547, Leads: 9

  • New Website: More than a dozen people have signed up for information. Brandy to send Lorraine databases of past customers and any others so we can market through Wix marketing platform.

  • Chamber of Commerce: Lorraine to pick up packets from Donnie 2/15 to review marketing opportunities

  • Postcards: 120 cards went out

  • Social Media:Lorraine continuing to post. Getting significant engagement. 2592 followers. Need to improve Instagram posts.

Unfinished Business:

New Software: Discussed above





Owner’s Meeting– Briefly discussed objective (open to all owners, what the program is, that we are in fact profitable, answer questions, encourage others to enter program), but because so few members were on the call, will discuss at March meeting.

Committee member responsibilities – not discussed. Will discuss at March meeting


  • Deliveries piling up in rental office are a problem. Lorraine to make recommendation to Board to implement a policy for owners being responsible for picking up packages within 24-48 hours or staff will deliver to cottage.

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