Rental Program Meeting Minutes 3/9/19

Rental Program Meeting Minutes

March 9th, 2019 @ 10am

Present: Lorraine DeVaux, Nancy Fields, Bill Clarke, Joe Noonan, Wayne Aspesi, Mike Hoyle, Donnie Sanborn

Approval of 2/10 Meeting Minutes: - Not discussed. Will carry over to next month.

Rental report:

Reservations & Deposits – 77 rentals, $61,000 in deposits (Donnie guestimates we were at about half of that last year)

Current renter extending their stay by 10 nights, another booked for 10 nights

217 issue – cable in the unheated porch. Donnie working with owner to fix.

Rob Mitchell (713) – wants to put his cottage in the program


Donnie and Bobby redoing 2018 rental financials from scratch. Bobby will be doing all of 2019. She’s getting close, and then will catch up on 2019. New

1099s have been sent out and are correct.

The 1099 issue had been due to Great North providing an alternate form of reporting whereby the owner would have had to subtract the 35% paid to Seaglass. Owners should have received the 1099 on their actuals. Mike’s not correct – to be discussed with Donnie offline.


Facebook: Lorraine update on Facebook advertising activity (boosted posts and paid ads). We’re getting a lot of inquiries, so advertising is working. We have begun asking renters how they heard about us so we can pinpoint what advertising channels are working best. To date, we have spent $200, and have had 7,908 impressions, 547 post engagements (likes, comments, shares).

New Website: Lorraine updated on the new software and the need to create a new site for amenities, community info, etc.

Chamber of Commerce: Ogunquit chamber – advertising opportunities available. Lorraine to look into. Wells chamber not responsive, Donnie to visit them in person.

Unfinished Business:

New Software: Discussed above

Remodel: Floors finished – easy to clean, look great.

Furniture: New desks, more storage

Cleaning – new company hired for rental program. Costs less than what we were paying previous vendor. Previous vendor was not able to commit to season and get insurance that we require.

Package delivery issue – Board to discuss with Donnie to come up with process/procedure

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