BOD Meeting Minutes 3/17/19

Regular monthly meeting of March 17, 2019 . This meeting was held by

conference call.

Members present were:

Judy Moseley

Richard Gregorio

Joe Noonan

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

Donald Sanborn is on vacation.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST. Mrs.

Moseley was in the chair.

Presidential Report

Mrs Mosley reported as follows:

The proposed amended bylaws have been sent to the lawyer for

review, and we are ready to go over them later in this meeting.

A version of our new employee manual is at the lawyer for review.

The Seaglass policies and procedures manual has been approved and

will be posted on the web site.

The dispute between two cottage owners cannot be resolved right now

because there is too much snow still on the ground.

Donald Sanborn is on vacation, but he has submitted a written report

which was reviewed. That report is incorporated into these minutes by

reference and a copy is attached.

He also submitted a summary of the survey on pickle ball court

screening which was shown, and is incorporated into these minutes by

reference and a copy is attached. Mr. Noonan moved that we get an

estimate on shrubbery and an estimate on some type of netting as a

sound barrier. Motion passed unanimously.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting of the March Regular Meeting

Minutes for the March meeting having been examined by all members

prior to the current meeting, the reading of the minutes was waived.

They were approved unanimously. The Chair ordered that they be

published to the website.

Financial Report

Mr. Gregorio reported:

Bobbi is reviewing all of the incoming cash receipts for the rental

program so that they can be properly attributed to the appropriate year

(2018 vs 2019). These will be turned over to our tax accountant for

preparation of our returns.

Richard has been in consultation with him and has asked that he

prepare financial statements which he believes is accurate to be used in

lieu of those prepared by Great North which are manifestly inaccurate.

Financial statements for January and February have been received but

they are incomplete. Bobbi is gathering information to be recorded in

the new Quick Books system and we hope to have her version by the

end of March. Mr. Uciferri confirmed that preparation of the chart of

accounts is substantially complete.

Old Business

A redlined version of the proposed new By-laws has been distributed to

the board for review. These incorporate comments and suggestions

from the board at the last meeting. Judy will send this version to the

lawyer for final approval. It is hoped that the revised By-laws can be

presented at the next meeting of the owners.

Employee handbook has been sent to the lawyer for review.

Hiring for the new season was mentioned.

New Business

Mr. Noonan reported from Rental Committee which is requesting that

the clutter caused by water bottle storage and parcels for delivery to

residents be eliminated. He will work with Mr. Sanborn for a


He also reported that the Sandbar Committee will order $300 of new

drink ware. This is in the budget.

Mr. Meza reported from EMOC that they are requesting that the sound

barrier not be removed until a replacement can be installed. Also, John

Snell and Mickey will be participating in interviews for the new

maintenance lead position.

Solution for power shutoff: It should be the responsibility of the owner.

Seaglass will shut off all power when the plumber has completed work

on that cottage unless the owner sends a representative to turn it on as

they desire. The EMOC will write up a resolution which embodies their

suggestion for action by the Board.

Open Forum

There were no comments or requests during open forum.

Executive Session

The Board went into executive session at approximately 9:45 AM and

returned to public session at 9:53 AM.

Regular Session Resumed

Motion to adjourn at approximately 9:55. Motion carried


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