Rental Committee Minutes - 05/12/19

Mike Hoyle, Nancy Fields, Karen Cormier, Lorraine DeVaux, Donnie Sanborn

Phone: Bill Albert, Jennifer Woodsen, Rob Mitchell, Kathleen Crouch, Joe Noonan, Bill Albert

  • Financials:

  • 25 cottages in the program

  • New to rental program: 210, 505, 100 (individual renter) 713, 213, 148, 403

  • Discussed the pros and cons of a Cottage Rotation for those who call in to book (who don’t already have a cottage preference

  • Decision -- Most people know which cottage they want when they call in. For anyone who does not, rental office does suggest cottages with low rental rate. No further action needed by committee.

  • Office Remodel: - complete. Receiving great feedback

  • Software:

  • Booking interfering with checking in on same date as someone checking out.

  • Guesty has been advised, and has said they’re working on it. Donnie/Brandy to reach out to them again.

  • Issue – when adding a new cottage, if created in Guesty, it will sync to booking, etc. The only way to get cottage on Airbnb is to create on Airbnb and then it feeds back to Guesty. This creates a duplicate on our site.

  • Donnie to reach out to Guesty.

  • Wells Chamber: season starts in sept. Joining September 2019 for Summer 2020. Chamber directories come out first of the year. If we join then, cost will be $200 and we’ll be included in the 2020 directory. Table until toward the end of our season, and re-address

  • Rental Owner Meeting Saturday June 8th@ 10am:

  • Open up to conference line – Lorraine to talk to Kip

  • Consider holding after a Board meeting

  • Consider waiting until later in the season – has to been when the most people can attend. August? What other meetings are happening?

  • June 23 owner’s meeting and August 18 annual meeting (10 am)

  • Do rental meeting as an add-on for anyone who’s interested to say after the meeting

  • Cleaner’s performance:

  • Insurance, background check, bond

  • Going well – no issues, great feedback from owners.

  • Old business:

  • Package/delivery system: Packages come to rental office, Brandy emails the owners to let them know. If not picked up by 4:30pm they go into tech room and owner has to wait for someone to get them during business hours.

  • Marketing:

  • Photographer to come take pictures of rental cottages and amenities

  • Cottages 50-75$ per cottage (depending on participation)-----$150-200 for the grounds

  • Interest – rental program will pay for all cottages

  • Table for later in year as peak season is near and it’ll be hard to do them all the same day.

  • Brandy doing other business – is that billed to rental?

  • Operations – Meeting minutes and send agenda out 2 weeks prior

  • Calling for New committee Members:

Make ad for anyone interested in becoming part of rental committee.

  • Renters – calendar of events and website access?

  • Lorraine to incorporate into the rental site

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