Approved Meeting Minutes 4/28/19

Minutes of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of April 28, 2019 . This meeting was held by

conference call.

Members present were:

Judy Moseley

Richard Gregorio

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

Joe Noonan was absent

Donald Sanborn was not present

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST. Mrs.

Moseley was in the chair.

Presidential Report

Mrs Mosley reported as follows:

1. Progress has been made on financials, although problems with

Great North are making it difficult to close last year’ financial

reports. More on this during Financial report.

2. Modified By-Laws have been completed ready for a vote by

Association Members at next general meeting.

3. Job Descriptions have been completed.

4. Policies and Rules have been updated.

5. Hiring has been difficult, although now that students are

searching for jobs it is anticipated that more candidates will

become available soon.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting of the March Regular Meeting

Minutes for the March meeting having been examined by all members

prior to the current meeting, the reading of the minutes was waived.

They were approved unanimously. The Chair ordered that they be

published to the website.

Financial Report

Mr. Gregorio reported:

The January, February, and March profit and loss, and balance sheets

are done. He is confident in the profit and loss report. The balance

sheet report has been verified against bank account statements, but

there is some question about the ending balances from 2018 as

reported by Great North. A meeting between Bobbi, Richard and the

outside accountant has been arranged to work out what is to be done

about this. In the meantime he suggests releasing the profit and loss

report without the balance sheets.

A water bill in the amount of $19,000 was paid in error by Great North.

This bill is not owed by the Association, but is an obligation of the

developer. The General Manager is working for a refund. In the

meantime, the payment is reflected in our P&L as an operating


Bobbi confirms that she has confidence in the P&L. She completely

reworked January and February, working from source documents.

Rental income was corrected based on detailed direct information from

Seaglass records. Great North did not properly categorize some items,

so that has been corrected. By March, Great North was no longer

providing reports, so March has been all the work of our internal

accountant, Bobbi.

Bobbi also confirms that she did her best to reconcile the balance sheet

work by Great North, but feels that the opening balances are suspect,

and is awaiting the conference with the outside accountant to work out

what to do about that problem.

Judy commented that the water bill paid in error was indeed not the

obligation of the Association. The bill is addressed to Howard Hall at

Seaglass. The town is aware of the history of this bill, and it obviously

pre-dates the turnover from the developer, so it is now a matter of

determining how the Association will be reimbursed.

Operations Manager Report

The Operations Manager has submitted a written report which was

read and discussed. That report, which is appended, is incorporated

into these minutes by reference.

There was a motion to accept the Employee Handbook as submitted by

the Operations Manager for approval. The motion carried


The Board took notice of the quote for replacing the privacy/sound

barrier at the Pickleball court. The landscape option was postponed as

being in excess of the budget. The quotes received for replacement of

the tarp barrier are within the Operation Managers discretion so he

should proceed.

The Board discussed the Rules amendments proposed by the

Operations Manager. Several changes were desired by various

members. Each member is requested to send their comments to

Donny. We will hold off on approval and distribution of the new Rules.

Motion that the Association take credit cards in payment of cottage

owner assessments, that a convenience fee be charged to recover

costs, and that the amount of the convenience be in an amount

sufficient to cover all costs associated with accepting payment in that

manners. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business

Motion to accept that the revised By-Laws as redlined and reviewed by

the attorney for presentation to the community. Motion passed


Richard requested that the website be updated to reflect the changes

in personnel. It was also requested that they be present at the first

Board meeting.

Committee Reports

Mickey reported that there was a meeting of EMOC. Nothing special to


Mr. Heinz had nothing to report.

Rentals are renting well.

Nancy Fields reports that there is a meeting for rental owners set up for

June 8.

New Business

No new business.

Open Forum

Tom Heinz’s thanked the board for work during the winter.

Executive Session

The Board went into executive session at approximately 9:42 AM and

returned to public session at 10:03 AM.

Regular Session Resumed

Motion to adjourn at approximately 10:04AM. Motion carried


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