EMOC Meeting Minutes 5/11/19

Seaglass Village EMOC Committee

May 11, 2019 Minutes

Attendees: John Bocchino, John Snell, Jerry Schlessel, Carmine Sammarco, Donnie Sanborn, Mickey Meza,

• Minutes with edits from meeting of 4/13/2019 were approved

• Bob Tozier attended early part of meeting to help clarify open and closing costs.

• EMOC proposals:

• Cottage #620 – Place a 3’ by 6’ door under cottage (accepted).

• Policy updates:

• No updates

• Special Projects:

• Family pool has a lot of tile down and large cracks

  • Pool needs to be resurfaced.

  • EMOC recommends fix cracks and resurface family pool and budget for the clubhouse pool for next year.

  • There may be a settling issue up front where the family pool is located. John B. recommends doing a hydro-geologic study

  • Donnie to get some quotes

• Hot tub heater and pump have been fixed and pool is now operational.

• The front rental office has been painted and the floors have been redone.

• Hallway leak at clubhouse has been repaired.

• Donnie to look to see if he can hire Mike on a per diem basis to do minor paint and repair jobs.

• Donnie has reposted the mtce. lead position (he has had one response)

• New chainlink fence at dumpster has been installed.

• Donnie will look into putting a door with a key coded deadbolt lock at the dumpster.

• The front pool card readers are operational (you can use your entry card or the weeks gate code to enter the pool)

• New fire panel in tech room

• Fire control panel in sprinkler room is not functioning properly. Donnie to call to see if panel manufacturer can come out to troubleshoot.

• The new paint company will inspect and fix last years issues.

• Donnie to look into raising the fire pit bottom.

• We will be renting a log splitter soon to clean up the wood pile area.

• The EMOC recommends that we pay the invoice Bob Tozier submitted for the openings

• Other Business:

• No new business

• All agreed on above items

• Next meeting will be on June 8that 8:00 AM EST.

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