Architectural Review Committee Minutes 6/2/19

Present: C. Barclay, T. Hynes, D. Macritchie, M. Meza, S. Paladino, G. Parker

Meeting convened at 9:00.

The committee discussed two issues:

  • A possible policy change allowing cottage owners to choose their own vendors for approved work such as tree removal. The change would have to have BOD approval.

  • A change in the way cottage owners are notified of ARC's decisions on their proposals.

  • 14 people were approved

  • 2 were partially approved

  • 8 were put on hold for various reasons

  • 1 was denied

Meeting adjourned at 11:30.

Minutes approved by all 4 members in attendance 6-8-2019, T. Hynes, S. Paladino, C. Barclay, and R. Sarro

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