Architectural Review Committee Minutes

Present: T. Hynes, D. MacRitchie, S. Paladino, G. Parker, R. Sarro, J. Snell

Meeting convened at 9:00.

  • The committee considered an appeal of it's decision to deny a proposal and voted (4 - 1) to reserve the denial

  • The minutes of the meeting of June 8 were approved.

  • The committee considered 9 proposals with the following decisions:

  • 7 were approved

  • 1 was put on hold

  • 1 previous denial was upheld.

  • Tom informed the committee that a cottage owner will appeal a committee denial to the BOD at the next meeting.

  • The Committee discussed the problem of the spreading of bamboo across the property. A number of possible actions were discussed. Glen agreed to write up something for discussion and eventual submission to the BOD.

  • The committee agreed to forward to the BOD a recommendation of a procedure to be used when a cottage owner wished to have tree work done by someone other than the usual vendor.

  • The committee discussed several possible changed to committee policies and procedures. Don agreed to write them up for the committee to consider.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45.


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