Approved Meeting Minutes 5/19/19

Minutes of the Board of Directors Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of May 19, 2019, held at the Seaglass Village Clubhouse Pavilion, with telephonic attendance offered to those not physically present.

Members present in person were: Judy Moseley Joe Noonan Richard Gregorio Mickey Meza Jerry Fields

Donald Sanborn was present.

Many cottage owners were present in the pavilion.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST. Mrs. Moseley was in the chair.

Presidential Report Mrs Mosley made a prepared address to the assembly. The text of that address is appended and included in these minutes by reference.

Operations Manager • Pickle ball privacy nets have arrived and will be set up this week. • Dog park work will take place this week. • Have hired a front desk person who may transition to customer service. Her current hours are 9 – 5. • Hot tub and indoor pool are up and running. Large pool and walking pool are open but not currently heated.

• Repairs to family pool will be completed tomorrow weather permitting. • All pools will be open and heated Memorial Day weekend.

Family pool may be a bigger issue. We will likely need a major repair and we are considering how to finance the repair.

Approval of Board of Directors meeting minutes. Minutes of the April 27, 2019 meeting having been distributed to the Board in advance, the reading of the minutes was waived. Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Report Report was made by Richard Gregorio

Bobby Spencer, who prepared the financial reports prior to engaging Great North, has been reengaged.

We have no confidence in the numbers we got from Great North.

We have hired Bernie Hoare of Harvey and Martin who have been doing our tax work to prepare financial statements that we can rely on from last year. When we have received their work, we can then proceed to prepare a Balance Sheet in which we have confidence. Currently we have confidence in the Profit and Loss statements for the current year, but until we can get reliable closing/opening numbers for the transition from 2018 to 2019 we cannot rely upon the Balance Sheet numbers. We can released the P&L to the membership but it is recommended that we wait to release Balance Sheet until the process has been worked through to completion.

Richard made a motion to release the P&L statements for January through April 2019 but to withhold the Balance Sheet at this time.

Motion carried unanimously without discussion.

Alex Ucciferri set up the chart of accounts in Quick Books, and thank to him was expressed.

Rental Committee Report Lorraine Devaux. A new software suite and website was implemented.

There has been a lot of social meeting engagement. New flooring and furniture has been done for the Rental Office.

There are still a couple of glitches with the rental software to be worked through with the vendor.

There will be a meeting of those in the rental program to inform participants of details. There have been a lot of new participants.

New committee members are being sought. Rental revenue is currently up.

ARC Committee Report Tom Hynes. Purpose ARC is to have beautiful landscaping at SGV. To that end, we have a set of rules. Exterior projects at all cottages must first be approved by the ARC.

EMOC Report Jerry Schlessel: Purpose of EMOC is to make recommendations on maintenance and to maintain consistency of cottage exteriors. A new deck replacement policy was approved. It specifies new materials which are acceptable as an alternative to restraining the decks.

New gutter policy is under consideration.

Entertainment Committee Report Susan Schlessel: Purchase of movie screen for movies by the pools. Announcement of catered dinner for Memorial Day. Calendar is now easily downloadable.

IT Report Kip Sheedy: Technology has been inventoried including telephone and entertainment systems. Big screens in Great Room now have signage running calendar and other information.

Website Committee Report Lorraine Devaux: Website has been redesigned. Calendar now downloadable. Interactive form now available. Check in history now available. It was requested that we have a directory with photos and make it searchable.

Sandbar Committee Report

Sandbar generally running fine.

New Business Patio Removal in Four Seasons: ARC approved a small patio in four seasons. Later it’d was discovered that it extended into the privacy zone of a neighbor. So ARC has requested removal.

Donny has suggested a solution to move it to the golf cart. Donny suggests that we pay to move the pavers to that area.

Motion: To offer conditionally have the pavers moved to an acceptable position with Association covering the expenses, after checking the previous minutes, and if within Donny approval authorization. Motion carried unanimously.

Open Forum Question about audits. We are still assessing an audit/review policy.

Executive Session

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