Minutes of the Owners Meeting Seaglass Village Condominium Association June 23, 2019

Held on June 23, 2019, held at the Seaglass Village Clubhouse Pavilion,

with telephonic attendance offered to those not physically present.

Members present in person were:

The meeting was called to order at approximately 10:08 A.M. EST. Mrs.

Judy Moseley was in the chair.

Declaration of Quorum

Seventy-three homeowners were present, so a quorum is declared.

Minutes of last Meeting

The minutes of the previous homeowners meeting were lost for awhile.

They have been recovered, but have not been distributed to the

owners, so approval is postponed until the next meeting.

Consideration of New By-Laws

Copies of the new By-Laws have been available on the website and at

the front desk. Comments were solicited.

Jim Brian 170. Why have the provisions to allow owners to see financial

statements been removed? In addition, he says that the word

“examination” is not meaning as a term of art. Wishes to use the

phrase “review, or audit”. Moved that the word “examination” be

changed to the phrase “review or audit.” Vote by owners was 38 in

favor, 3 against and 2 abstentions. Motion carried.

Resolution to adopt the new By-Laws as amended. Because there was

an amendment, and because there is a quorum present, those against

who voted by ballot are allowed to re-vote. The count by show of

hands was 42 in favor, 0 against, with two abstentions. The resolution


Presidential Report

A copy of Judy’s report is attached and incorporated in these minutes.

Open Floor

Comments on speed limits. Some golf carts are speeding.

Wayne 110. Another comment on speeding. “When Linda is away it is

like Daytona. Asks how many tickets have been written. Believes

something bad will happen.

Steve 215: Suggests changes to fining structure. Suggests warning in

first two and an automatic fine thereafter 1-15. A graduated

automated fine above that topping at $300. Also, a Go-Pro for Linda to

record her gun readings.

Fran: Speedguns need to be calibrate

Barb 617: Going wrong way on one way circle. Cleaning crew and

renters were much of the problem.

Lorraine 215: Rental office is going to give renters a more prominent

notice of speeding and one-way streets.

Diana 426: How to address times when Linda is not here.

Nancy 105: Could volunteers have the gun during the week?

Judy suggests a temporary security committee to address these


Mary Ellen 501: Problems with Internet and cable connections.

Requests contact with Spectrum.

Kip 426: says his tests indicate that our speeds are not as contracted.

He will contact Spectrum.

Chris 177: Wants discussion about how things are working with the

new organizational approach.

Maurine 102: Requested investigation of a group price for replacement

of water heaters in cottages. EMOC is requested to look into this.

Marty 711: Pet policy. Wants a revision of policies and inform owners

of where it is allowed for dogs to relieve themselves.

Lorraine 215: Full rules and regulations will be posted on the website

as a single document to facilitate maintenance of the website.

Question about status of soundproofing at pickle ball courts.

Maurine 102: What did we do with the money saved from firing Great


Lorraine 215: Invitation to learn about rental program at a meeting to

follow annual meeting in August. A new Seaglass shop has been

created for tschatskes which will be turned on on the website.

July 14, Cornhole tournament is starting. $10 entrance fee with 60/40

prize split.

Tom 302: Reminder that only three items of decoration are allowed

per cottage, and must be approved. Submit a proposal.

Bill 154: Thank-you to BOD and Committee members.

Pete 152: Music at the pool. Requests background music for the pool.

Motion to adjourn approved.

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