EMOC Meeting Minutes 6/8/19

Attendees: John Snell, Jerry Schlessel, Carmine Sammarco, John Conners, John Bocchino (via telcon), Tom Hynes

• Minutes of May 11th and May 25th were approved

• EMOC proposals:

• Cottage #118 - Storm door replacement (approved).

• Cottage #415 - Paint house and stain deck (approved).

• Cottage #160 - Re-stain deck (approved).

• Cottage #425 - Spigot in front by stairs (not approved). EMOC recommends putting on back of house. Also flag pole attached to trim board (approved).

• Policy updates:

• John Connors will attach a piece of the water defusing gutter to his cottage for evaluation.

• Carmine will go to Lowes to look at better quality storm doors to possibly put in the policy.

• Special Projects:

• EMOC recommends buying a 24” chain saw for Evan to cut the large logs in the wood area. Once cut we will schedule another split and stack day. In the meantime Evan should tidy up the kindling area.

• Some chairs at the adult pool have mold on them. Have Donnie look to see if he can get someone to remove.

• Have Donnie get a quote to re-seal deck at club house pool.

• Have Donnie talk to painter about cleaning up chairs at the fire pit.

• Other Business:

• No new business

• All agreed on above items

• Next meeting will be on June 22nd at 8:00 AM EST.


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