Rental Committee Minutes - 07/09/19

Attendees: Marty Breden, Sherrie Gordon, Alex Ucciferri , Nancy Fields, Joe Noonan, Lorraine DeVaux

Phone: Brandy Ingham and Mike Hoyle

Financials & projections

Approved monthly financials not available at the time of rental committee meetings. Discussed committee getting access to previous month’s financials and backup to review. Non-rental program expenditures continue to be added to rental program. Needs deep review if this committee is to be held accountable for monitoring rental program's profitability.

Rental office Hours

6/1-6/21. Tues-Sat. 8:30-4:30

6/22-8/24. Mon-Thurs. 8:30-4:30, Friday. 8:30-6, Sat 8:30-7, Sun. 9-5

Rental Books:

Brandy currently working on updating information in the rental books at rental cottages. Committee discussed consolidating information.

  • Lorraine to work with Brandy to create simplified rules sheet that includes a parking diagram per cottage. On the reverse will be printed the full rules.

  • Hours of Operation sheet to be updated to include information for the entire year. Brandy to get to Lorraine for formatting.

  • 2-page amenities flyers to be redesigned and consolidated into one. Lorraine working on with Brandy to review.

Cottage photography

  • Postpone until After Labor Day, but before people start packing up for the season

Rental meeting 8/18 agenda

Table for discussion at July meeting

Software issues

  • Continue to be significant, but do not change in summer. Change in off-season


  • Need to evaluate competition rates in-season and off-season to confirm that we’re priced appropriately

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