EMOC Meeting Minutes

Attendees Missing Visitor

John B. Carmine S. Ron F. (136)

John S. Al D.

Jerry S. Donnie (GM)

John C.


Minutes to approve from last meeting – None


Both applications related to gutter installation around whole cottage.

Marty (711) - gutters

Ron (136) - gutters

Status - no approvals given until policy is written.

  • Rainhandler gutters will be allowed everywhere on 3-season cottages except where existing 3-season gutters (plastic) are currently installed. In other words, plastic gutters will continue to be used as originally installed by the developer.

  • John S. will put a blurb together for the board.

  • John C. will write up spec for installing Rainhandler gutters.

Special Projects

  1. Outdoor golf carts electric plugs

  2. New Doors at Clubhouse and Rental office

  3. Dumpster doors

  4. Clubhouse repairs (replacing rotted wood and painting)

  5. Finishing of firewood clean up

  6. Looking into some kind of covering for firewood (lean to or tarps etc.)

  7. Re-staining/urethaning Adirondack chairs at the fire pit

  8. Re-sealing of clubhouse pool deck

  9. Raising bottom of fire pit

  10. Man hole cover in front of cottage #110 (this is new and was just brought to my attention. It had been fixed before but seems to be acting up again.

  11. COMPLETED ■ Paint over stain in clubhouse lobby

  12. COMPLETED ■ Clean air vent in clubhouse

Other Business

  1. John B. will step down as chair of EMOC. John S. and Carmine S. will co-chair the EMOC starting in August. We will continue to meet every other Saturday during the season and once a month in the off-season.

  • We would like to set repair goals for Donnie (e.g., replacing clubhouse trim boards, or fence portions) since the money is budgeted.

  1. Jerry will bet budget spent YTD from Bobbie/Donnie in preparation of 2020 budget process.

  2. The pools will need about $100K worth of maintenance work in the coming year or two. EMOC needs to be in the review process for these bids but Donnies should start requesting bids.

Ask Donnie to report back on the following:

  • Dumpster doors

  • New doors at clubhouse and rental office.

MEETING END @ 8:45am


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