Approved BOD Meeting Minutes 6/23/19

Minutes of the Board of Directors Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of June 23, 2019 held at the Seaglass Village Clubhouse Pavilion, with telephonic attendance offered to those not physically present.

Members present in person were: Judy Moseley Joe Noonan Richard Gregorio Mickey Meza

Members attending telephonically were Jerry Fields

Many cottage owners were present in the pavilion.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST. Mrs. Moseley was in the chair.

Approval of Board of Directors meeting minutes. Minutes of the May 19, 2019 meeting having been distributed to the Board in advance, the reading of the minutes was waived. Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Report Report was made by Richard Gregorio

Richard made motion to release the Profit and Loss statements for months beginning January through May. Motion carried.

The Chair commented that we are close to reconciling accounts for the Balance Sheet, and hope to be able to release it soon.

Richard reported that the overcharge of approximately $18,000 discussed at the last meeting has been refunded to us and deposited. It is to be reflected in the June financial statements.

Finance Committee working on policies and procedures

Committee Reports Various reports were unintelligible on the recording.

New Business Motion to change gym hours to 5AM to 10PM. Passed unanimously. Request to put in a permanent net for fourth pickle ball court. Until prices are known, and probably await next year’s budget, no action was taken.

Request for bathroom accessibility at pickle ball courts. To rental of portable toilets with $125/mo with weekly cleaning, or we could purchase with cleaning at $40 each. Motion against this proposal passed unanimously.

Motion to purchase an outdoor AED for pickle ball court for not more than $1,500 and a first aid kit for not more than $100, with amendment that the purchase is conditional upon approval from insurance company was passed unanimously.

General Manager will be asked to look into a first aid course.

Batteries and expiration dates of first-aid-kit have been checked and replenished.

The Homeowners Manual and the Rules, Fines and Enforcement document have been reviewed and updated. A resolution to accept the new Homeowners Manual was passed unanimously. A resolution to accept the Rules, Fines and Enforcement policy document was passed unanimously. Both will be posted to the website.

ARC appeal from cottage 707 to allow moving of a boulder was discussed. ARC was in favor of the appeal upon discussion. Motion to accept appeal to allow moving of the rock was passed unanimously.

ARC appeal from cottage 161. Appeal concerned renewal of stone around cottage as drip edge. There is some disagreement as to whether there was an authorized drip edge already in place. During discussion a compromise solution was reached and not action was taken on the appeal.

Dumpster discussion. Outsiders are still using our dumpster, costing the Association money. Motion to add door with combination lock to cost between $1000 and $1200 passed unanimously.

Request for corn hole boards at Family Pool. Purchase was deferred. Donations will be solicited at tournaments.

Post Office: We have made a formal complaint about deliveries not being made. We have requested that they put delivery slips into our SGV box, but so far not results. We do get FedX and UPS at the rental office.

HGTV will be bring their show “Beach Bargain Hunters” to SGV. Owners of SGV cottage 427 have agreed to allow them to show their property.

They have requested a contract to film from June 28 through July 1. A resolution to allow a contract for the filming was passed unanimously. There are significant problems with speeding. Please try to get license plates or other identification of speeders.

There have been complaints about going the wrong way on the loop at the clubhouse. General Manager is requested to get pricing on larger signage. Also a sign to keep left at the exit.

Motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

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