ARC Meeting Minutes August 4, 2019

Meeting convened at 9:15am

In attendance: T.Hynes, R. Killam, D. Macritchie, S.Palladino, G. Parker, R.Sarro

The minutes of the July 20th meeting approved

  • Committee discussed the placement of a “children Playing” sign on the road in front of a cottage. It was felt that children should not be playing in or near the street. The committee will ask Donnie to have it removed. The issue will be referred to the new safety committee.

  • The committee will ask Donnie to follow up on the removal of unapproved ornaments at cottage 424.

  • The committee will ask the BOD to consider including next years budget funds for a new US flag and pole at the front of the property along with appropriate lighting.

  • It was noted that trees and branches overhanging and resting on a cottage can result in serious damage to the cottage. In addition to asking cottage owners to identify dead and/or diseased trees for possible removal during the fall tree program, we will ask them to likewise identify overhanging trees to be pruned as the budget allows.

  • The committee considered 3 proposals with the following decisions:

  • 2 were approved

  • 1 partially approved

  • 2 proposals are still pending

Meeting adjourned at 10:20am

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