Nominating Committee Update

Dear Seaglass Village Residents:

The Board has chosen the Nominating Committee for the elections this year. The Bylaws state that a Board member can be on the Committee, as long as they are not President, as well as 2 other owners. The 2019 Nominating Committee is made of:

Joseph Noonan - Vice President

Linea Aspesi

Michele Vanwagoner

The Nominating Committee will seek to fill one upcoming vacant seat with a three-year term. The Nominating Committee will review nominations and self-nominations of potential candidates for the Board of Directors and propose a slate of nominees for the election.

There is one three (3) year term Director position open.

The Operations Manager will be collecting the nominees and passing them along to the Nominating Committee.

Any member of Seaglass Village who is interested in being a candidate for the BOD please send an email to Donnie Sanborn by Saturday, August 10th, 2019.

If interested in the open position please include a candidate profile stating your interest, professional experience and tell us why you would be an effective member of the BOD.

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