Approved Meeting Minutes 7/29/19

Minutes of the Board of Directors Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Regular monthly meeting of July 29, 2019 held at the Seaglass Village Clubhouse Pavilion, with telephonic attendance offered to those not physically present.

Members present in person were: Judy Moseley Joe Noonan Richard Gregorio Mickey Meza

Members attending telephonically were Jerry Fields

Many cottage owners were present in the pavilion.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST. Mrs. Moseley was in the chair.

President’s Report - Call for respect for staff and board -

Approval of Board of Directors meeting minutes. Minutes of the June 23, 2019 meeting having been distributed to the Board in advance, the reading of the minutes was waived. Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Report Report was made by Richard Gregorio

Richard made motion to release the Profit and Loss statements for months beginning January through June. Still no Balance Sheet. Account still working on it. Carried unanimously.

Richard expressed appreciation to Bobbi for her work on getting Quick Books set up and other tasks.

Old Business

Regarding a fourth pickle ball court. Price quoted is $2800. Chair suggested that we put in the budget for next year, given that we do not have it in the budget for this year.

Joe expressed concern that the fourth pickle ball court will displace basketball.

Motion to leave pickle ball court at status quo ante to allow for basketball to be played on that space. Passed unanimously.

New Business

Residents have expressed concern about traffic on the street around the clubhouse. We have had problems with traffic going the wrong way.

Motion to put new signage at the entrances to one-way streets to make it clear that they are one-way only. Passed unanimously.

Chair made a call for volunteers for the security committee. Applications are available at the Front Desk of the Clubhouse.

There has been a request to discuss the large floats in the pool. The concern was that they are unsafe and crowding in the pool. Consensus was to monitor the situation.

Discussion of music at the pool. A request was made for music around the Sandbar.

A motion was made to allow music in the exterior area around the Sandbar only. Motion passed unanimously. Any expenses must be built into the Sandbar or IT committees budget for next year.

Regarding age restrictions at the family pool. Current rules provide that persons under thirteen must be accompanied. The consensus was that 13 is too young. The matter was tabled for referral to the new security committee.

Scooters have been using the streets this summer. Our rules prohibit skateboarding and rollerblading . There is no current restriction on scooters. Motion laid on the table pleading report from security committee.

Funds for card access to the pavilion. The issue is handicap access when staff neglects to open it during regular business hours. The door must be replaced in order to do this because it is not suitable for card access. Staff has been instructed to be sure that this door is opened.

There has been a request for a SGV yard sale, restricted to residents only. Motion made to deny this request. Passed unanimously.

EMOC Report EMOC reports that repairs and painting are proceeding throughout the facility. They are working on a list of capital and repair projects for next year’s budget.

Rubber speed bumps which can be removed during the winter to facilitate plowing are being considered. Speeding is a significant problem. It is proposed to buy one for $397 to try them out. Motion made to get two ten-foot speed bump for trial. Motion passed unanimously.

John Snell and Carmine has researched replacement storm doors. They have identified some at Lowes. The alternatives are $320 and $250. Motion to approve the $320 version only. Approved unanimously.

EMOC will be enforcing the requirement that cottages be painted every seven years. In the future they will not be doing the inspection upon completion. If there are items not completed to the owner’s satisfaction, the owner is responsible for creating a punch list of work yet to be performed. This list should be given to the GM who will pass it on to the painter. If owners elect to paint themselves, it must be done early in the season. In the event that it is not so painted by the date specified, then the painter will be engaged to do it and the owner will be billed.

New gutter policy. The current removable gutters may be installed over the entrance doors.Other areas will be allowed to have specified gutter-diffusers installed without downspouts. This will eliminate point discharges and also eliminate the splash up on the battens around the skirt. This is an option. A policy will be submitted to the board to specify the new policy.

John Snell and Carmine will be co-chairs. It is planned to rotate the chair in alternative years. It was so moved. Passed unanimously.

Donny’s written report was read. A copy is attached.

Report of Entertainment Committee Thanks for attending and sign up early.

Rental Committee Twenty nine cottages are in the program. They are booking well. A Q&A session is planned for rental owners.

Sandbar Committee Sandbar is profitable so far. Much of this report was unintelligible over the telephone.

IT Report Brian Nash was approved for the IT Committee by unanimously approved motion.

Web Committee Report Seaglass Store is still in progress.

Nominating Committee Linea, Sharon and Joe will be on the committee. One position is open.

Election will take place at the August 18 Annual meeting. Owners Budget meeting will take place at a later date when all accounting has been completed.

Executive Session Executive Session began approximately 10:30.

Motion to adjourn was approved unanimously.

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