Architectural Review Committee Minutes

Present: M. Breden, R. Killam, D. MacRitchie, S. Paladino, R. Sarro

Meeting convened at 9:10.

  • Glenn Parker has left the committee after being appointed to the newly-established Safety Committee. Marti Breden will fill out the required paperwork and join ARC.

  • The minutes of the meeting of Aug. 10 and Aug. 17 were approved.

  • The committee considered 1 proposal, which was approved with conditions.

  • The branch hanging over cottage 617 was removed. There was no update on the status of the tree at cottage 601.

  • The committee will check with the GM and the BOD on the current status of this years ARC budget.

  • The committee had an extensive discussion of the condition of many of the common areas on the property. It was noted that:

  • there are many areas that are severely overgrown (for example, outside the fence at the main pool),

  • once these areas have been cut back, they will need to be maintained on a regular basis, and

  • there are many places where ornamental shrubs and trees need to be pruned and then maintained.

The committee will provide to the BOD a report identifying all of these areas as well as some additional landscape-related matters. The committee also feels that the regular maintenance of these areas should be included in the contract for the Association landscaper. The committee will offer to help the Board in the evaluation of the specifics of proposals received for this work.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00.



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