Minutes of the Seaglass Villagers Homeowners Association Meeting October 5, 2019

Meeting called to order by Judy Moseley at 10:10. AM in the pavilion at the clubhouse.

A quorum was declared to be present.

Review of year by the President.

  • The board has held monthly meetings each month since the last Homeowners meeting.

  • Employee job descriptions have been created for new positions and revised for existing positions.

  • An organization chart clarifying report paths has been created.

  • Great North has been dismissed as our management company

  • Our financials have been professionally reviewed and reconciled.

Judy expressed thanks to the committees.

President’s goals for the upcoming year:

  • Update safety policies.

  • Formally define roles of committees

  • Hire a Customer Service Manager

She expressed the BOD’s willlingness to answer questions, and requested that when controversy arises to consult Board instead of hearing or spreading rumors.

Jerry Schlessel made an extensive presentation on the way EMOC plans for future needs of infrastructure.

Ballot Results:

Richard Gregorio is the winner of the open seat on the Board of Directors

The Budget is approved as recommended by a vote of 66 yes to 34 no.

A suggestion was made from the floor for multi-year budget.

A suggestion was made from the floor to record meetings so that they may be streamed from our web-site.

A motion was made at passed to adjourn at 10:55 AM.

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