BOD Meeting Minutes 11/17/19

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

November 17, 2019

Meeting held by teleconference. All Board Members were present. Judy Moseley was in the chair.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST.

Presidential Report

Goal; work on security matters.

Judy has been contacted by Summerscape resident about an association of the three-season communities. Some possible advantages include pooling of resources for better pricing, and working with the Town. She has received a proposal outline the idea. Two or three meetings a year at most.

Introduction and welcome of Alana as new customer service manager.

Report of Operations Manager

All cottages and clubhouse have been winterized as of last Friday.

Southern Maine Refrigeration has finished their winterization as called for in their contract. A walkthrough of entire property to take place on Monday.

Property is now ready for the winter.

Removal and trimming of trees to begin next week.

Jamie has begun work on winter projects. A list will be compiled for EMOC so that they can review and make additions or edits.

On Thursday a rented log splitter will allow us to begin splitting the leftover wood and any new timber delivered from the tree maintenance.

Brandy in rental office has begun cleaning, organizing and rearranging to allow more linens for the next season.

Pickle ball shelter is to be set as a priority for winter storage.

EMOC Report as read by Judy

Carmine reports that EMOC has noticed that cottage closing proceeding smoothly.

Meeting with John Snell, Carmine, Mickey, Donnie and John MacDougal about the pools. Their recommendations have been sent to the Board.

Kevin Madden has started repairs on clubhouse. They request a periodic update on work by the maintenance department so that can make long range plans for budget purposes.

Security Report

Glen reports that committee has met a number of times last season. They have ideas about speed control and security.

Main road needs some safety work, including reflectors, speed control and signage. Also enforcement on an intermittent basis.

Safety committee and EMOC will determine spots for additional speed bumps for installation in Spring.

Judy expressed thanks for work of Security Committee.

Rental Committee

Joe reports that they are working on improvements in system for next year.

Topic of names and phone numbers of owners should not be given to renters unless first approved by cottage owner.

Approval of Minutes from September Board Meeting

Motion to approve minutes of September 23, 2019 BOD meeting. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Richard reported Sept and Oct statements are ready. He has also prepared a roll forward to the end of the year. It appears that the year will end with a positive cash flow of $$49,700.

Finance Board meeting last Sunday reviewed a five year projection. Baseline used was year 2020. Inflation was assumed 2.5%, and marginal increases in the dues in line with assumed inflation.

Roll forward for reserve account, based upon last capital plan done by EMOC. It appears we will be on track for the last plan for capital reserve plan. Assumption was to put $91k in capital reserve to offset the internal liability. This leaves an additional net contribution over and above offsetting the internal liability of approximately $51,000.

Motion to accept and release the September and October 2019 P&L and Balance Sheet both for the month and YTD and to release the roll forward to the end of the year. Carried unanimously.

New Business

Pool renovation contract.

John from pool contractor answered questions and submitted an estimate. Current plan is to install pebble plaster which will keep the pools cleaner and eliminate need for tile. Plan is to take covers off and begin draining in Mid March weather permitting. Family pool is the only one in question because of the severe damage last year, at which time it will the evaluated for next step.

Overall price was $131,000 including pebble coat, replastering, replacing fittings, and including resistance and hot tub pools. Only adjustment possible would be based on any additional work necessary for the family pool. That additional cost could be $30-40,000 but cannot be determined until pools are uncovered or drained. Price does not include water. Goal is to have it ready for the holiday.

Warranty will be two years.

Committee reached out to multiple pool companies but only two responded. We need to act to get pools open by Memorial Day.

Motion to suspend the resolution requiring three bids and to proceed with only two bids. Passed unanimously.

Motion to approve the contract as presented. Passed unanimously.

Landscape Contract.

Motion to approve landscape contract as presented. Unanimously approved.

Joe suggested that we seek a three year contract in subsequent years.

New Committee Volunteer: James Vatigliano joining Finance Committee. Motion to accept him on committee passed unanimously.

Organizational Chart

New organization chart was presented and discussed. It clarifies the new reporting lines.

Executive Session

Executive Sessions are not recorded in the minutes.

Regular Session Resumed

Motion to adjourn. Carried unanimously.

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