BOD Meeting Minutes 1/19/2020

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

January 19, 2020

Meeting held by teleconference.

All Board Members were present.

Judy Moseley was in the chair.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST.

Presidential Report

• Directory now has message directing users of Seaglass website not to give out list of owners. Real estate advertising complaints. By-laws indicate units should not be used as residences, so advertising should not hold out that the agent is a resident. Discussion of sending a letter to advise that wording on advertising should be changed so that he does not present himself as a resident.

Operations Manager Report

• Spectrum representative was contacted about renewal of telephone contract. He will have a quote to our on Monday which will be forwarded. Price will probably go down. Discussion of alternatives occurred.

• Kevin Madden, EMOC approved vendor for small jobs has been replacing trim on rental office and clubhouse. Keypad at entrance gates was removed. Only card swipes are working. Keypad vendor coming out to fix the problem.

• Rot was discovered underneath bar at clubhouse. He is getting quotes from several contractors for repair.

• It appears that we have about 20 rental books for next season, and have collected about $30,000 in deposits. He is also seeking better pricing on linens.

• Alana reports that updates for owner documents and packets are in progress. Also, staff documents including job descriptions and responsibilities for training in the Spring. Changes to job descriptions should be approved by the BOD.

Committee Reports

• Glen asked a question about the Safety Committee: Does the BOD have any directions for action by this committee? Answer was that the committee should make a list of priorities based upon the moneys budgeted. It was suggested that Glen sit in on an EMOC meeting to discuss plans. A list of items to be purchased is to be sent to the BOD for approval so they can be on hand in time for Spring opening.

• Mickey reports on the fire panel situation. He believes that batteries need to be replaced since they have only a 3 to 5 year life. This could be part of the problem. Don was directed to purchase new batteries and install them. If this does not fix the problem, Mickey is also getting a quote to replace the panel.

Approval of Minutes Reading of Minutes for December 2019 was waived. They were approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Report

• We have an engagement letter with Harvey and Martin for a financial review. Price is $5000 which Richard believes is in line. He requests a motion to sign the engagement letter. This is a not-to-exceed unless unforeseen circumstances require a deeper investigation. There was a motion to authorize Richard to sign the engagement letter. It was approved unanimously.

• The second draft of the December financials are in hand. Currently there is a positive operating cashflow for the year of $44,207. Richard would like to take the cost of the review from the 2020 fiscal year, reducing the positive cash flow. The positive net revenue would still exceed $39,000.

• It was moved to transfer $35,000 from operation account to the reserve account. This is in addition to the contribution to reserves of $47,972 which has already been made. The motion was unanimously approved.

New Business

• Security camera quote is significantly under budget. We budgeted $9,800 and the quote was $5,300. This has been discussed by EMOC. Motion to authorize Don to accept the contract with discretion for him to investigate the option for inspection and cleaning and include or not as he decides. Motion passed unanimously.

• Charges for fitness classes were discussed. Joe suggested that we charge a nominal fee ($30?) to support the cost of the instructor. He moved that we charge $30 for each person for the entire season. after discussion, the motion was withdrawn.

• Keeping track of capital items was discussed. A list is in progress. It is suggested that we perform an annual inventory and bar code the items.

Executive Session Executive Sessions are not recorded in the minutes.

Regular Session Motion: That Donald Sanborn is authorized to enter into a settlement on behalf of Seaglass Village Condominium Association with Carol Gianquitto, previous owner of cottage 210 regarding her pending action in small claims court. He is authorized to pay up to $1,700 with the stipulation that she enter into an agreement to refrain from discussing the matter with persons not a party to this action. Motion passed unanimously. Motion to adjourn, passed unanimously.

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