BOD Meeting Minutes 3/15/20

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

March 15, 2020

Meeting held by teleconference. All Board Members were present. Judy Moseley was in the chair.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST.

Presidential Report

  • Response to recent e-mail from President to Villagers regarding civility was discussed.

  • Donny and Alana working on preparation for opening.

Operations Manager Report

  • New contract with Pratt and Abbot for linens has been signed. Should improve time management, will cut down on labor for staff and cleaning company. Linens will be received shrink wrapped so it will not be necessary to touch them.

  • New contract for property management system has been signed with a new vendor. It is anticipated that the costs will be lower by $150 per month and propagation to rental advertising sites is fully integrated.

  • Two maintenance people have been hired for new season. One is a former maintenance manager at Summer Village. A discussion of pool maintenance personnel ensued.

  • Ashley, Madison and Skylar have signed up to return for new season.

  • Contract for telephone communications has not been signed. Don has been trying to reach the representative but has gotten no call back.

  • New job postings have been made for a number of positions.

  • Video camera surveillance system has been installed and he is pleased with the quality.

  • Mickey, Jamie and Don have begun draining all of the pools in preparation for maintenance and repair. The contractor for pool repair will contact Don next week to schedule beginning work. Don will get an updated start date as soon as possible. Board will be notified of his consultation if any want to attend.

  • Cottage owner in 700 expressed concerns about runoff from the tennis court. Mickey and Don have discussed solutions, and Mickey suggest using a French drain. This is a very inexpensive fix. Donnie will proceed with getting a French drain installed. Cost for materials should be around $150. Seaglass employees will perform the installation.

Customer Service Manager Report

  • Interviews scheduled for Monday and Thursday. Positions open include Rental Manager and Maintenance Manager. Also looking for a full time front desk attendant, another maintenance person, as well as security.

  • Working on streamlining the rental leaning process, including organizing the linen room.

  • Joe reported on Rental Manager situation. Brandy is no longer employed at Seaglass.

  • Mickey reported that Jamie has left to seek employment in landscaping. He will continue to be available occasionally on a casual basis.

Old Business

A settlement has been reached on the damage claim by Carol Ann Gianquitto. The settlement will be $1700 which is cheaper than continuing to litigate in small claims court. This is a significant reduction from the amount she originally demanded.

Motion: To approve the settlement as set forth in the document sent to us by the lawyer. Approved unanimously.

Judy will sign the document for return to the lawyer.

New Business

An investigation into the costs and benefits of solar power heating was requested from the EMOC. John Snell says they will put on agenda for next meeting.

Joe mentioned that log splitters are on sale right now. One can be had for around $1000 these days. Jerry Schlessel says that previously they determined that there is around a 10 year payback.

Alex mentions that Quickbooks is designed to

Committee Reports

  • John Snell of EMOC reports there was no meeting in February due to lack of business to consider.

  • Lorraine reports that a rental packet has been sent to the printer. This will be a nicely formatted folder for renters. Also, nothing new to report on the website except that the homeowner directory has a minor change to insure proper use of the directory data.

  • Steve for Sandbar reports that he will meet with Ashley and Skyla today. They will discuss staffing and hours of operation, stocking, and events. For the IT Committee he requests that all relevant purchase be run through the IT committee so that they can keep their inventory records can be kept accurate.

  • Donnie was requested that he pursue a replacement for the ARC chairperson.

Approval of Minutes

Reading of Minutes for January 2020 was waived. They were approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Report

  • Richard reports that February financials have been received, but that he has some questions for Bobbi which need to be resolved before they are ready for publication. He thinks they can be ready next week. There was a small profit in February and a small loss for the year-to-date.

  • We have engaged an account to perform the review of the 2019 financials.

  • There was discussion of changing billing for regular assessments to a monthly cycle. There was some question as to how much additional labor would be required. Alex and Judy say there is an automated way to do this cyclical billing using Quick Books. There is also a capability to accept electronic payments.

Executive Session

Executive Sessions are not recorded in the minutes.

Return to Regular Session

Motion to adjourn, passed unanimously.

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