BOD Meeting Minutes 3/22/20

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

March 22nd, 2020

Meeting held by teleconference. All Board Members were present. Judy Moseley was in the chair. This was a special meeting, with advance notice to the cottage owners. The topic was measures to be taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was well attended by the owners.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST.

Opening Remarks from the Chairman

Judy introduced the proceedings by saying that the primary purpose of this meeting is to discuss our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Report of Treasurer

Richard reported that the February financials are ready. They show a small loss for that month.

It was moved that the financials be accepted and posted to the website for cottage owner access. Motion passed unanimously.

Report from Chairman of Rental Committee

The following report was received in advance from Lorraine:

The rental committee met this morning and discussed ways we can respond to our Coronavirus concerns.

We cannot predict where we will be in a week or even a day from now, so all we can do is react to the situation as we know it today and be prepared to pivot and re-evaluate as new recommendations and mandates arise.

Our recommendation to Board is to release communication to upcoming renters, past renters, and the public (via website and Facebook) that we have implemented the following protocols and precautions -- note: these are just bullet points - the actual communication will need to be crafted:

  • Renters don't necessarily have any face-to-face interaction with staff

  • Gate code, directions to cottage and other instructions sent to renter prior to arrival

  • Key boxes at rental cottage – code will match gate entry code

  • Rental packets are pre-assembled and left in the cottage

  • Starting April 1, Sheets and towels are sealed at the cleaner, packaged by gloved hands

  • Add cover letter from the Association explaining the intent and benefit of having guests make their own beds

  • Our cleaner's checklist/procedures should be outlined to renter

  • Key return procedure – also no face-to-face contact required

  • Nice touch: share information re: local restaurants doing take-out

Likewise, share a communication to our owners about these procedures as well.

It is also our recommendation that we implement a temporary no-fee cancellation policy (terms TBD, without clauses).

From a marketing perspective, we can spin the benefits of a getaway at a place like SGV that has proper procedures and protocols in place. Show we care about the local community by sharing info for local restaurants that are offering take-out. Share positive and uplifting messages on social media.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll talk to you all tomorrow!



Lorraine further reported in person that:

  • A few cancellations have been received, but a good number still remain on the books. Alana reported that we still have all rentals from April on. The only cancellations received so far are four seasons rentals in March

  • Wanted to discuss waiving cancellation fees. Most of bookings come through third party channels who have their own cancellation policies. Wanted to communicate this to renters and on web site. Board decided that new temporary policy should be in place through the end of May.

Board Action in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Judy: The State of Maine has closed bars and restaurants in Maine. Cottages will be open on normal schedule, and people may stay in their cottages. Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited.

The preliminary resolution was read by Secretary and considered seriatim.

The resolution as amended was approved unanimously by roll call.

The resolution is appended to these minutes.

Discussion of Questions from the Cottage Owners

Shelter in place orders will be complied with, but this is not a decision made by the Association.

If you don’t want to rent, then notice must be made to the Staff.

Mandatory four-week high season requirement for rental program will be discussed.

Everyone should understand that the intent is to open on May 1. Even if there is a shelter in place order, the cottages must be open on May 1.

Other Actions

It is moved to subscribe to Zoom. The Operations Manager is directed sign up for it at $20 per month. Approved unanimously.

Motion to approve Minutes of March 15, 2020 meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion Regarding Rentals

Secretary is directed to put a resolution in form and get approval of Rental Manager. Then, it is to be signed electronically.

Executive Session

Executive Sessions are not recorded in the minutes.

Return to Regular Session

Motion reimburse Bob Tozier for repairs made to repair below grade winter freeze damage. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

The resolution regarding COVID-19 virus planning begins on the next page.

Resolution of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Whereas the Federal Executive Office Task-force on the novel Corona Virus has requested that gatherings of 10 or more people should be avoided for 15 days, and;

Whereas the Federal Center for Disease Control has requested that gatherings of 10 or more people be canceled or postponed for the next eight weeks, and;

Whereas the State of Maine has limited gatherings to no more than 10 persons, and has closed all bars and restaurants, and;

Whereas the Association’s Board of Directors has determined that action is necessary to protect the health of employees and residents, and;

Whereas in the Board’s judgment conditions are likely to change in the near and medium term, so it is necessary to retain as much flexibility as possible, and;

Whereas it seems likely that revenue streams from operations are likely to be much reduced or even fall to zero making it imperative that we take early action to conserve cash, and;

Whereas the Board wishes to interrupt or curtail usage of the facilities as little as possible consistent with safety, prudence and adherence to recommendations and regulations of health officials;

It is hereby resolved that;

I. The President of the Board of Directors, after conferring with members of the Board, and considering guidance from health officials, is authorized to take any or all of the following five actions at her discretion. She may choose to invoke this authority for one or more of the following and also end any of these at any time.

A.Close the main clubhouse, along with all amenities within the fenced perimeter of the pool area, including pools, bar, fireplace, gym, lounges, library and pavilion. All employee offices along with necessary records and supplies are to be moved to the Rental Office. The clubhouse and fence gates will be locked, and no persons except for authorized Association employees may enter. The area will not be staffed.

B.Close the Family pool and fenced area around it.

C.Close the tennis court or pickle ball court, or in the fire pit.

D.Close the Rental Office, or alternatively to allow persons who follow the government mandated protocol for keeping social distance.

E.Order any employee to work remotely from home as appropriate. Reprogramming of the telephone system to allow the answer points to be remote may be done.

II.It is ordered that preparations for the upcoming season proceed as usual unless the Board orders otherwise. It is to be assumed for now that the season will begin and proceed as customary. Care is to be taken to follow best practices to protect the safety and health of employees and contractors as preparation work is done.

III.It is ordered that repairs and maintenance of the pools proceed as planned, and that they be filled and prepared for swimmers.

IV.The search for new employees and interviewing may continue but because our labor needs are uncertain, any offers of employment shall be tentative, and start dates are subject to Board approval. Permanent employees are to be notified that they may be furloughed, and temporary or seasonal employees notified that their employment may be suspended or terminated with customary notice, also at the discretion of the Board.

V.For season opening, the Operations Manager will plan and execute a procedure whereby cottage openings are requested by telephone or text. In-person requests are to be avoided. It is important that owners not congregate during opening procedures, and it is requested that only one owner/person be present when an employee comes to the cottage for opening. Procedures for opening are to be promptly and clearly communicated to cottage owners. The Operations Manager shall prepare a checklist to be texted or e-mailed to cottage owners so they may prepare it in advance to save time.

VI.Any cottage owner who falls ill while resident at Seaglass Village must follow all orders and guidelines from government health officials.

VII.As of the date of this resolution, it is anticipated that cottages will be available as usual, although gatherings that exceed government issued orders or guidelines, whether within or outside a cottage, are prohibited until allowed by the Board.

VIII.The Treasurer and Finance Committee are requested to prepare a revised budget for the remainder of the year which takes into account new projected revenues, and which reduces expenses to conserve cash. After approval by the Board, this revised budget is to be presented to the membership for approval at the first general meeting of association members, and the President is requested to move forward the date at her discretion. It is noted that a physical meeting is not desirable, so arrangements should be made to substitute a conference call and mail in balloting as may be consistent with the By-Laws.

IX.The membership must be promptly informed regarding actions taken under this resolution. All such communications must be composed by the Board and authorized by the President. The President or other representative of the Board is requested to communicate at least weekly with the membership letting them know the current status of the situation. Anything you hear not communicated directly by the Board is likely just rumor.

X.Arrangements for rental operations will be made under a separate resolution.

XI.The Board is determined to interrupt or curtail the fun of the season as little as possible consistent with safety and good financial management. Members are urged to act in a manner consistent with their own safety and that of their neighbors.

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