Resolution of the Board of Directors (Rentals)

Resolution of the Board of Directors

Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Whereas the COVID-19 epidemic has introduced uncertainty into the vacation rental market, and;

Where as the Association wishes to protect the health of its employees, renters and cottage owners;

It is hereby resolved that;

The recommendations of the rental committee reported at the Board Meeting of March 22, 2020 be implemented as follows until such time as new regulations are released by National, State or Town government entities that require a reconsideration of these procedures

1. The Management is to communicate with upcoming renters, past renters and the public that we have implemented the following protocols and precautions. These points are a summary only, and a message should be crafted to put the information in a marketing friendly form before disseminating. The wording should be approved by the Rental Committee Co-Chairs

• New check in procedures are in place which allow the renter to check in and proceed directly to

the rental cottage without having to interface with staff

  • Staff will email a code to the renter prior to arrival which will allow them to enter the front

access gate. The same code will be used on the front door lock box at the cottage for the renter

to gain access

  • A pre-assembled rental packet will be left in the rental cottage which includes information

about the Association’s Rules, Amenities and check out procedures. After May 1, if Association amenities remain closed, a cover letter in the packet will explain the Association’s current position during that rental period

•Beginning April 1, bed sheets will be packaged by gloved hands at the laundry and sealed in sets

based on bed size. Towels will be packaged and sealed similarly. Linens will remain sealed upon

delivery to the rental cottage. A cover letter will explain the intent and benefit of having guests

receive their linens in this matter and make their own beds

• Our cleaning company’s checklist/procedures should be outlined to the renter and cottage owner At the end of their stay, renters will be able to return keys using the rental office’s key return boxes. This procedure will again bypass the need for face to face contact

2. These communications will be shared with our owners

3. It is ordered that we will implement and advertise a no fee cancellation policy tentatively ending May

31, but this may be rescinded or extended at the discretion of the Board President

4. Marketing to the public and our database of past renters will briefly outline the items above, and will

describe the benefits of a getaway at a place like Seaglass Village which has proper procedures and protocols in place. We would demonstrate our support for the local community by sharing information for local restaurants that are offering take out. We will share positive and uplifting messages on social media.

5. The Board expresses its thanks to the Rental Committee for all of the work they do.

6. This resolution is to be approved and effective when signed electronically by all members of the Board

of Directors, and as of the last date inscribed below.

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