EMOC minutes 3/19/2020

The meeting commenced at 8 pm.

In attendance: John Snell, Mickey Mezza, Donnie Sanborn, John Connors, John Bocchino, Jerry Schlessel. The connection was poor causing some members to lose service and have trouble returning. John Bocchino was not able to regain service.

Report from Donnie:

  • Jamie’s last day will be 3/25. 2 new staff have been hired and Jamie will be helping with their training.

  • Adirondack chairs have been finished

  • The pool repair company will be on site 3/21. Mickey will be there to meet with him. Others are invited to attend if possible

  • Donnie reported he has 2 quotes to fix the rotted sandbar wall at the clubhouse one for $7.000.00 and a second for $9,000.00

  • Mickey had suggested we inquire if Kevin Madden would be the lead on this project and EMOC members would help as laborers

  • Carmine Sammarco has been in contact with Kevin who stated he would be interested in taking on the project. His rough estimate was about $1500.00 in materials and 3 days labor.

  • Donnie will be reaching out to Kevin to see if that is feasible as well as check with our insurance carrier for liability.

  • Mickey will address this with the BOD once all plans are in place.

The meeting adjourned ad 8:33 pm


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