Minutes of the Board of Directors Of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

October 18, 2020

Members Present

Richard Gregorio

Mickey Meza

Lorraine DeVaux

Jerry Schlessel

Jerry Fields

Richard Gregorio was in the chair

President’s Remarks

Staff commended for efforts in difficult year.

Schedule for remainder of year has been sent out.

Operations Report

Currently ten units are closed. There has been a small issue with a water main valve at one cottage. Repairs must be completed before the ground freezes.

Pools are closed.

Emails will be sent out every Friday to list cottages which have been winterized by the plumber and inspected by the staff.

Committee Reports

EMOC (John Snell) reports that there was a meeting last week at which construction of amaintenance shed was discussed. Next meeting is October 27th at which they will work on policy on water heater replacement and smoke detector replacement for cottages ten years and older.

ARC (Jerry Schlessel) Report on walkdown which has been completed. Looking for compliance to rules. 90% of cottages had some violation. ARC and EMOC will be reviewing the types of violations and suggest a policy. Sprinkler system controls attached to cottage, 56 storage containers that are a coverage issue. Some items are not actually problems, such as bicycles not stored in back of cottage, but for which there was no room in the allowable area. There were also some parking issues. In addition, he noted that bare earth is not allowed by the city, so either mulch or grass must be in place. Carpets must be rolled up in the off season. Also, documentation of ARC and EMOC conditions by digital photography was discussed.

Rental Committee (Judy Mosley) Committee meeting first time with Judy as chair. Survey is being created as requested by the BoD. They will review the draft. It will be sent out in next few weeks.

Entertainment (Susan Schlessel) Next year there will be multiple chairpersons, one for each event. There are muiltiple volunteers already.

Sandbar (Steve Devaux) Sandbar is ending the year profitably. Last month’s financial report showed a net profit of around $1,500 after paying the seasonal liquor license to the State. So far this month, the preliminary numbers are even more positive. Question to GM: While restocking last week there were several cases of beer in storage. Why were these not included in the inventory and that it was reported that there was no beer or wine available. Donnie reports that they were scheduled to be returned to the vendor. Discussion ensued about access to the storage area by bartenders. Richard requested that Donnie look into access to storage by volunteer bartenders and report back to him.

Approval of Minutes

The reading of the August 23, 2020 meeting minutes was tacitly waived. They were approved viva voce.

The reading of the September 20, 2020 meeting minutes was tacitly waived. They were approved viva voce.

Treasurer’s Report

Jerry Schlessel reported that current bottom line is negative $17,643 to date. Although the books are currently showing a loss, the reason is that $78,850 was taken from reserves to cover repairs to the pools for the interim until the second assessment for the pools becomes available. When the second assessment of $77,690 is collected from the owners which will bring us into the positive for the year. In addition, the PPP loan from the federal program is on the books, but when that is forgiven it will contribute to the bottom line. A budget versus actual spreadsheet has been developed to allow us to compare actual to budget and see the percentage different from budget. The operating part of the budget shows us that we have spent only 62% of budget, which is largely attributable to a significant reduction in staffing. It is planned to request budgeting inputs from the committees earlier than in the past.

New Business

Update on grass driveways from Jerry Schlessel. He has met with city about a solution to the problem. He has determined that the best path forward is rezoning from Rural to Rural A. This would increase our coverage allowed from 20% to 46%. Alternatively, we could ask for a variance to increase our allowed coverage. Surrounding properties are already classified as Rural A, except for a few Rural. The city agreed that it makes sense for all the area between I95 and US1 zoned in a similar manner. They gave us paperwork to request rezoning. There will be a $500 fee, the Board of Selectmen must vote to approve and then the town must vote on it. There will also be additional costs. The process will take between one and two years. There are also some discrepancies between the as-built drawings and the situation on the ground.

Report on volunteers (Jerry Schlessel). Donnie and Jerry Schlessel are working on a policy on front desk volunteers.

Report on firepits (Jerry Schlessel). The city and fire department have indicated that there they have no objections to fire pits. Donnie will be checking with our insurance company about the impact of fire pits on our coverage, but JS has reviewed the policy and found no adverse provisions.

***Motion by Jerry Schlessel*** to allow owners to have gas firepits, with the ARC to write a policy on what firepits will be allowed.

***Amendment by Mickey Meza***, that nothing goes into effect until ARC selects three approved models. Amendments approved, Fields yes, Schlessel yes, Gregorio yes, Meza yes, Devaux yes.

Vote on Main Motion, Fields yes, Schlessel yes, Gregorio no, Meza yes, Devaux yes. Motion approved.

Topic on resales and approved realtors by Jerry Schlessel who proposes that owners be informed that their agent must be briefed on what rules are in effect. Lorraine comments that this will be very difficult to enforce. Richard asked Schlessel to draft a document for us to approve for this purpose.

Fields reports that Donnie, Steve DeVaux and Fields to discuss call flows on telephone system to insure that all calls are answered by human beings. Also, a meeting between Donnie and John Maz and Fields to review contracts to see if a savings can be achieved. We still have two years on at least one existing contract making it somewhat difficult. John has identified a lot of potential savings.

Lorraine DeVaux requests that all committees publish their meeting calendars for the next year. They can contact her to get those entries made into the website calendar.

Lorraine also inquires if a char was appointed for the ARC after Tom Heinz left. Answer, there are temporary co-chairs.

Also, Tech Committee seems to be in the same situation. Motion to appoint Don McRitchie as chairman of the Tech Committee. Motion approved unanimously.

Old Business

Jerry Schlessel made some comments on Summer Village accounting practices about rentals.

Discussion ensued about allocation of positions to particular cost centers.

Motion to resolve into executive session. Passed unanimously viva voce.

Executive Session

Return to Regular Session

Motion to adjourn after executive session passed unanimously.

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