Minutes of the Board of Directors Of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

February 21, 2021

Members Present

Richard Gregorio

Mickey Meza

Lorraine DeVaux

Jerry Schlessel

Jerry Fields

Richard Gregorio was in the chair

Approval Of November 2020 Minutes Motion to approve minutes of November 2020. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report Motion to approve December 2020 Financials. Approved unanimously.

Report on January 2021 Financials.: $52,465 to the good. Big diver was $36K grant which was credited to the Rental department. Rentals were $31,600 net driven by the grant. Reserves added $7,720. Operations were $13,144 positive. Motion to approve January 2021 financials. Approved unanimously.

Report of Rental Manager Review of proposed rental contract. Has been reviewed by the rental committee. Now is in the hands of BoD. Will request approval next meeting.

Rental bookings are booking up for July and August quickly.

Angel has given notice of resignation.

New welcome baskets have been done.

Appreciation for Angel's efforts were expressed by the board.

New Business

EMOC report: A priority list for replacement and repairs has been complied. They include changing the plater boxes at the pool from wood to plastic. Pool furniture is to be replaced. Sandbar to replace cooler. A new computer for the computer laboratory. Some gym equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. Donnie is getting estimates on some items.

Donnie is getting bids for the new maintenance shed.

The existing truck lease is expiring. They are considering the alternatives of purchase vs. Re-lease.

Purchase or lease of a maintenance golf cart is being considered. Walkdown was discussed. Notification of deficiencies to be made to unit owners. EMOC has made recommendations and ARC has said that "the rules are the rules". Jerry Schlessel will be in contact with Donnie to get him to notify owners. Richard requested a report of cottage-by-cottage deficiencies

. State requirements for Covid-19 isolation or testing were discussed. As of now we are still scheduled to open on May 1, 2021.

Motion to go into executive session passed unanimously.

Executive Session

Motion to Adjourn Motion to adjourn passed unanimously

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