Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Seaglass Village Condominium Association

Meeting held at the Pavilion at Seaglass Village

All Directors were present, including the two members elected to fill vacancies:


Richard Gregorio

Mickey Meza

Jerry Fields

New Members

Lorraine Devaux

Jerry Schlessel

As senior director, Richard Gregorio was in the chair.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 10:25 A.M. EST, immediately following the Homeowners Association Meeting

Election of Officers

For President the nominations were Richard Gregorio and Jerry Schlessel. Richard Gregorio was elected by a vote of 3 to 2. (Amendment as ordered by the Board: It is to be noted that the chair did not call for discussion of the nominees for this position.)

For Vice President, Mickey Meza was elected unanimously.

For Secretary, Jerry Fields was elected unanimously.

For Treasurer, Jerry Schlessel was elected unanimously.


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